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Today in Gear: August 11, 2014

Thunderbolt-MSL-Gear-Patrol Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt MSL
Rocky Mountain Bikes has just announced their 2015 update to the Thunderbolt MSL line. The new models feature shorter chain stays for more agility and a “RIDE-9” system, which offers a range of different seating positions for your preferred riding style. But the biggest change is the frame, which goes from an aluminum construction to carbon. $5,599+
Skully-AR-1-Gear-Patrol Skully AR-1
When straddling a super bike, distractions from your smartphone are the last thing you need. Skully’s AR-1 helmet will allow you to maintain focus on the road while feeding your smartphone updates to you with a digital heads-up display, as well as a 180-degree rearview camera, GPS navigation and voice control. Just another reason then to wear a helmet. skullysystems.com
NAD C 510 Direct Digital Preamp/DAC
If you’re an analog devotee, you’d best look away. This new preamp, from award-winning electronics brand NAD, is all-digital; it features no analog inputs, favoring USB Type B ports and HDMI and SPDIF inputs instead. nadelectronics.com
Square-Trade-Goods-Company-Gear-Patrol Square Trade Goods Company Scented Candles
Lavender-scented candles from CVS are not your only solution to man funk. Square Trade Goods Co.’s new line of scented candles feature aromas that don’t evoke a nursery: basil, balsam fir, rosemary mint, tobacco and black pepper. $20
ONA-Berlin-II-Gear-Patrol Ona’s The Berlin II
Specifically designed for the Leica M-System, this handcrafted full-grain leather camera bag will develop a lush patina over time. Its red interior, made from premium closed-cell foam, is completely customizable to fit your camera, three lenses, an iPad and more. It’s up for sale starting August 20th. $389
Marantz-SR7009-Gear-Patrol Marantz SR7009
The first Network AV Receiver with Dolby Atmos capability will change the way you watch movies at home. $1,999
Saison-roundup-gear-patrol-lead-full-3 Barnyard Brews: The Best Saison Beers
Originally brewed in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium, as a summer treat for farmers who spent hours under the hot sun, saisons often taste spicy, earthy and yeasty, and contain ABV levels that typically run between 4% and 8.5%. Other than a glass of ice water, they’re about as refreshing a drink as you can get on a hot summer day. Here are seven favorites. Read This Article
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