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This Week In Motoring: August 11, 2014

GM-Teardown-Gear-Patrol Competition Is Fierce
Apparently, a portion of General Motors’ budget goes towards buying their competitors’ vehicles and dismantling them to see what makes them tick. Wired goes inside their facility.
Adventure-Van-Gear-Patrol Ultimate Adventure on a Budget
American rock climber Alex Honnold’s live-in adventure van is versatile minimalism at its best.
Air-Ebola-Gear-Patrol Fast Ambulance
A specially outfitted ex-military Gulfstream III served as the rapid transport vehicle for two Ebola patients from Africa to the U.S. The interior keeps the medical team and in-flight staff protected from the infected patients, whose symptoms are continuously treated over the twelve-hour flight.
Pebble-Gear-Patrol Suits on the Beach
All manner of dressed-up car nuts descend on Monterey’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 17 to ogle (and buy at auction) some of the world’s finest automobiles.
GTO-Gear-Patrol A Fake of Massive Proportions
The jig is up. Apparently, a 1962 Ferrari GTO for sale on for $63 million has been outed as a seriously good fake.
Lamborghini-Acadamy-Gear-Patrol Bull in a Classroom
Lamborghini just announced their performance driving school, Accedemia. It’ll run from September 14-19 at the legendary Laguna Seca track. Bring your heavy right foot.
WRC-Finland-Gear-Patrol World Rally Championship, Finland Style
With wicked turns and breathtaking jumps, the WRC Finland course is one of the most challenging out there. The race is over, the results are in, and the footage is worthy.