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7 Best New iPhone Battery Cases

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What with our ever-growing use of smartphones, few things are more annoying than a dead battery. But now the trouble might well go beyond the missed phone call or reduced Netflix time if you’re flying: the TSA is banning powerless devices on international flights coming into the United States. Considering that you could be forced to abandon your phone, or even be detained for questioning, an iPhone battery case is a wiser investment than ever — Android users check back soon. Though we’ve brought you five great cases before, newcomers are popping up all the time from manufactures both widely established and up and coming.


A. Mophie Space Pack ($150+) | B. Lenmar Meridian ($90) | C. iBattz Refuel Aqua S ($120) | D. Incipio offGRID Rugged ($90) | E. Tylt Energi Sliding Case ($100) | F. Phonesuit Elite ($90) | G. OtterBox Resurgence ($100)

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