New Gear and Stories, Fresh from the Farm

This Week in Sports and Outdoors: August 14, 2014

Bad-Call-Gear-Patrol Redundancy in Sports Commentary
If you’ve ever been confounded by the vacuous nature of most sport commentary, you’ll find solidarity in this essay by Fritz Huber.
Vargo-Funnel-Flask-Gear-Patrol Vargo’s Titanium Funnel Flask
Vargo, maker of titanium outdoor gear, is releasing a titanium flask with a built-in silicone funnel, next week. If you pack Pappy on your overnights, this is your flask.
Wedge-Wave-Gear-Patrol Surfing Photos from “The Wedge”
The Wedge is a Newport Beach wave where “getting tossed is a guarantee”, according to photographer Ben Ginsburg. The waves are big, unpredictable, close to the shore and the jetty. His photos tell the story.
Under-Armour-Mag-Zip-Gear-Patrol Under Armour’s Magnetic Zipper
Under Armour released a zipper that uses magnets to automatically align itself, allowing you to zip a jacket with one hand. Time to find something to do with that other hand.
Levis-Commuter-Space-Gear-Patrol A Commuter Workspace from Levi’s
It’s hard enough to find a public restroom in most cities, let alone a place to have free coffee and wi-fi. Temporarily, commuters can have that and more at the workspaces Levi’s has set up in Brooklyn, LA and London.
Conquista-Issue-4-Gear-Patrol Conquista’s Next Issue
If you’re not already browsing Conquista, add it to your cache of leisure reads. The latest issue of the cycling quarterly is out today with 312 pages of photos and stories from the Tour de France to the Tour of Utah.
Grand-Rescue-Film-Gear-Patrol The Grand Rescue in the Tetons
In 1967 an epic rescue took place on Grand Teton’s north side. Adventure Journal has a summary of the three-day rescue and a link to a film about it.
You know it’s time for another Outdoor Retailer show when South Main Street in Salt Lake City is populated by fat bikes, single-wheeled skateboards and tan people with good beards. We had boots on the ground at the Salt Palace Convention Center for the summer 2014 edition of the biannual product show; of everything we touched, tasted and saw, this gear stood out most.