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This Week in Gear: August 16, 2014

Thunderbolt-MSL-Gear-Patrol Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt MSL
Rocky Mountain Bikes has just announced their 2015 update to the Thunderbolt MSL line. The new models feature shorter chain stays for more agility and a “RIDE-9” system, which offers a range of different seating positions for your preferred riding style. But the biggest change is the frame, which goes from an aluminum construction to carbon. $5,599+
Skully-AR-1-Gear-Patrol Skully AR-1
When straddling a super bike, distractions from your smartphone are the last thing you need. Skully’s AR-1 helmet will allow you to maintain focus on the road while feeding your smartphone updates to you with a digital heads-up display, as well as a 180-degree rearview camera, GPS navigation and voice control. Just another reason then to wear a helmet.
NAD C 510 Direct Digital Preamp/DAC
If you’re an analog devotee, you’d best look away. This new preamp, from award-winning electronics brand NAD, is all-digital; it features no analog inputs, favoring USB Type B ports and HDMI and SPDIF inputs instead.
Square-Trade-Goods-Company-Gear-Patrol Square Trade Goods Company Scented Candles
Lavender-scented candles from CVS are not your only solution to man funk. Square Trade Goods Co.’s new line of scented candles feature aromas that don’t evoke a nursery: basil, balsam fir, rosemary mint, tobacco and black pepper. $20
ONA-Berlin-II-Gear-Patrol Ona’s The Berlin II
Specifically designed for the Leica M-System, this handcrafted full-grain leather camera bag will develop a lush patina over time. Its red interior, made from premium closed-cell foam, is completely customizable to fit your camera, three lenses, an iPad and more. It’s up for sale starting August 20th. $389
Marantz-SR7009-Gear-Patrol Marantz SR7009
The first Network AV Receiver with Dolby Atmos capability will change the way you watch movies at home. $1,999
Saison-roundup-gear-patrol-lead-full-3 Barnyard Brews: The Best Saison Beers
Originally brewed in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium, as a summer treat for farmers who spent hours under the hot sun, saisons often taste spicy, earthy and yeasty, and contain ABV levels that typically run between 4% and 8.5%. Other than a glass of ice water, they’re about as refreshing a drink as you can get on a hot summer day. Here are seven favorites. Read This Article
Wall-Mounted Standing Desk
Sitting down for long periods of time is overrated. And unhealthy. The new standing desk by Gereghty Desk Co. has a wall mounting spine and two adjustable desktops. Ideal for viewing a laptop at eye level (whatever your height) while the keyboard rests comfortably below, it’s available in two stains of wood. $245
Anti-Gravity Pack by Tessel Supply
Inspired by the cosmos, this modular magnetic backpack has four components: a pack, pencil case, laptop case and accessory bag. Made from 420D coated nylon, it easily doubles as a duffel bag since each of its compartments are functional with or without the rest of its Anti-Gavity family.
Puppy-Crib-Gear-Patrol Puppy Crib
Big guys have a soft spot for small dogs. This new dog hammock easily holds a dog weighing up to 30 pounds. Made from soft lamb’s wool, it’s machine washable and attaches to any chair or end table with non-slip straps. Basically, it’s a space saver that’ll get a dog bed out of your path to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
2015-Range-Rover-Sports-SVR-Gear-Patrol 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR
If the standard Range Rover Sport just isn’t fast enough for you, the SVR model should satisfy your thirst for speed. The 550 horsepower supercharged V8 engine will launch the sporty SUV to 60 in 4.5 seconds and to a top speed of 162 mph.
Sony-Curved-4K-TV-Gear-Patrol Sony Bravia S90 UHD TVs
They’re a little late to the game, but who cares? Sony will be launching the S90 series, its first curved TV line with 4K resolution. Paired with a new 4.2-channel multi-angle Live Speaker System, edge-lit LED backlights, a removable Skype camera and active 3-D, Sony’s first try at the bowed TV might be the market’s best. ()
Pro-Ject-Audio-Systems-MaiA-Gear-Patrol Pro-Ject MaiA
This high-end integrated amplifier is able to handle high-resolution audio at up to 24-bit/192kHz, making it perfect for people who blast hi-fi music at home. With nine inputs, it easily pairs with a turntable, laptop, CD player and more. It also connects wirelessly with its built-in aptX Bluetooth. And at around $670, it’s a great bang for your buck. $670
Olive-Oil-Tasting-Gear-Patrol-Lead Saving the Extra Virgins: Olive Oil Made Right
True extra virgin olive oil is not always what you buy at the supermarket. Matthew Ankeny tours the Long Meadow Ranch to experience olive oil made by a passionate, knowledgeable group of California-based olive millers. Read this story
Jaguar-Lightweight-E-Gear-Patrol Jaguar Special Operations Lightweight E-Type
Start selling your stock options: Jaguar’s Hertiage Spec Ops division is building six continuation Lightweight E-Type vehicles using the remaining six chassis from the 1963 “Special GT E-Type” project. The lightweight aluminum chassis will be the basis for each hand-built car, which will be made to the original design standards, including the classic aluminum block straight-six engine (around 300 horsepower).
Blackmagic-URSA-Gear-Patrol Blackmagic URSA
Blackmagic cameras are some of the best digital film cameras around, so of course their new URSA goes above and beyond with incredible features that both amateurs and auteurs can utilize. Besides its 4K sensor, built-in monitor, dual-recording capabilities and massive dynamic range, the URSA is the first 4K camera to allow upgrades such as new sensors, rails and lenses, among others. $5,995+
Kohler-Shower-Gear-Patrol Kohler Moxie
No need to buy one of those chintzy Sharper Image shower radios or fret over wetting your Bluetooth speaker; Kohler Company’s new Moxie shower head integrates a bluetooth speaker into its construction, allowing for sleek design and optimal speaker placement when you’re getting clean. If you’ve exhausted the battery from singing along to Toto, simply pop out the speaker to recharge it. $299
AKG-Y45BT-headphones-Gear-Patrol AKG Y45BT
AKG’s new entrant to the bluetooth headphone market is their Y45BT, which, aside from looking incredibly sleek in black, features a foldable design and volume control right on the ear cup. If you run out of power before you’re done jamming, the Y45BT features a passive mode and standard audio cable so you listen the old-fashioned way. $150
LunarGrand-Long-Wing-Tip-Shoes-Gear-Patrol Cole Haan LunarGrand Long Wingtip
Cole Haan’s new LunarGrand Wingtips feature an oxford leather construction and a rubber outsole, and integrate Lunarlon technology from Nike — a lightweight foam that has found its way into many of Nike’s running and basketball shoes. While it’s doubtful you’ll end up playing a pickup game of hoops in the park, Nike’s proven padding will definitely keep your dogs from barking. $228
Barley-Hops-Craft-Beer-Book-Gear-Patrol Barley & Hops: The Craft Beer Book
The craft brewing movement of the last couple decades or so has resulted in a plethora of different brew types and flavors our Shlitz-drinking forefathers could only dream about. Sylvia Kopp’s beautifully narrated and illustrated book Barely & Hops documents the history of craft brewing all the way up to current innovations, along with other unique beer facts. $50
ferrari-issue-gear-patrol-lead The Ferrari Issue
A prancing black horse against a yellow backdrop: it’s the conspicuous emblem of Ferrari. Sealed permanently into everything from pop culture to motorsport, Ferrari can at times feel overwrought but at its soul it’s still the performance automaker from Maranello that Enzo built. To honor the glory of the brand, we’ve assembled an entire issue of Ferrari, ranging from vintage to modern, V8 to V12, race to hobby. Owning one might be a far-off dream, but it’s certainly a dream worth visiting often. Read This Issue
The-Archivast-Gear-Patrol Antique Photos from Archivast
Replace your print of “V-J Day in Times Square” with something more original. Take these photos from Archivast, which seeks to recover, digitize, and print glass negatives from the 1800s that newspapers have been discarding. Some are quaint, and many are fascinating — like this one, which shows the construction of the Verrazzano Bridge. Prints are available in various sizes and can be framed. $250+
Pamplona-Gear-Patrol Moore & Giles Pamplona Weekend Bag
You know the phrase “hair of the dog that bit you”; how about “hide of the bull that gored you”? Whether or not you’ve run with the bulls in Pamplona, you can own a piece of the tradition with Moore & Giles’ new line of one-of-a-kind weekend bags. Each bag is made of a hide from the 2004 Running of the Bulls, and comes with a certificate detailing the bull and the bullfighter that brought it to justice, if such details matter to you. $1,500
Glimpse-Gear-Patrol Glimpse Dating App
Anyone who’s tried online dating (don’t be shy) knows that perusing pictures is the funnest part. Seizing upon this is Glimpse, a dating app that connects to your Instagram account. Users connect by conversing about one another’s photos; no longer must you labor over your “about me” section.
Slampstop-Gear-Patrol SlamStop
SlamStop is a small mechanical device that catches your car door when it stops just shy of shutting completely, and shuts it for you. This little gizmo, which fits snugly into any automobile doorframe, is good for two groups of people: drivers with a habit of shutting the door too softly, and teenagers sneaking back from a late-night party who need to shut the door softly.
Sega-Works-Gear-Patrol Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Complete Works
For fans of throwbacks or just unabashed retro geeks (tiny distinction, but still), Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Complete Works (Read-Only Memory) is a 352-page retrospective on the game system that found a home in every “edgy” kid’s bedroom in the ’80s. It features the titular console’s design blueprints, game concept art, and interviews from the Sega employees behind its success. $49 ()
Allen-Edmons-Club-Monaco Allen Edmonds Club Monaco Shoes
The Allen Edmonds Corporation’s nine-decade shoemaking tenure belies its modern edge. Their new line of footwear for Club Monaco (loafers, oxfords, boots and more) bears the signature shine of their handmade leather work, along with more modern touches, like Goodyear welts and form-fitting cork soles. $365
the-dopp-kit-packing-list-gear-patrol-lead How to Pack a Dopp Kit like a Pro
The dopp kit or toiletry bag can be a point of confusion. No more. Pack yours like a pro with these essentials. Read This Article
Writer's-Block-Gear-Patrol The Writer’s Block
What these nifty little blocks lack in original prose they more make up in the decluttering department. Designed to hold your pen and notebook (preferably Word pads) or device, the blocks are made in Philly from either raw steel, stainless steel or brass. An excellent deskside companion for your next missive.
Dsptch-Gear-Patrol DSPTCH’s Navy and Grey Ballistic Nylon Collection
Don’t like navy or grey? Tough luck. San Francisco-based DSPTCH’s new line of ballistic nylon bags only comes in these two colors. Fastidiously designed after traditional military gear (note the weather-resistant 1680D ballistic nylon shell) these bags come in five styles: slingpack, daypack, briefcase, rucksack and weekender. $152+
Pioneer-DDJ-SX2-Gear-Patrol Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2
If DJs were bugs, this would be their porch light. Pioneer’s new four-channel DJ Controller is the first of its kind with Serato FLIP, enabling it to record and replay hot cue sequences on the fly. It features multi-colored Performance Pads, custom-designed operation buttons and an enhanced JOG wheel. Get it this October. $999
Swiss-Army-Delemont-Gear-Patrol Victorinox Swiss Army Delémont Collection
Unveiled at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, the Delémont Collection is the first collaboration between Victorinox and Wenger. The line features 52 different styles of Swiss Army knife, each designed for a specific outdoor activity—hiking, climbing, hunting, fishing, etc. Coming in a range or sizes and grips, each knife has a collection of pragmatic and esoteric tools. $30+
Torch-Backpack-Gear-Patrol Torch FLUX Backpack
The brand that brought you the T1 Helmet is launching an innovative backpack. By day it’s a standard backpack; by night, it’s an urban cyclist’s extra layer of protection. With the first-ever built-in fiber-optic panel — powered by a rechargeable and removable LED light — any driver who comes close to clipping you is either blind, arrogant or both.
iPhone-Battery-Packs-Gear-Patrol-Lead 7 Best New iPhone Battery Cases
What with our ever-growing use of smartphones, few things are more annoying than a dead battery. And with this new crop of options, an iPhone battery case is a wiser investment than ever. Read This Story