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the-dopp-kit-packing-list-gear-patrol-lead Pack Your Dopp Kit like a Pro
The dopp kit, or toiletry bag, can be a point of confusion. No more. Pack yours like a pro with these essentials. Learn here
Outside-Lands-Gear-Patrol-Slide-1- Photo Essay: Outside Lands
Kayne wore a mask. Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips), a bodysuit. There was lots of denim, leather, and a handful of Chucks. Some sang the blues, some beat a drum. Big Freedia got white booties poppin’, and Kacey Musgraves left hearts to swoon. GP reports from Outside Lands 2014.
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ferrari-458-spider-review-gear-patrol-slide-15 Quick Spin: Ferrari 458 Spider, the Perfect Convertible?
In the middle of a cool Chicago summer, sunlight bounces off the unmistakeable Rosso Corsa hood of a V8 Ferrari. A mere eighth of a depression of the throttle produces a sound I can only describe as a chorus of angels descending to earth on winged stallions. Against all odds, Ferrari’s delicious V8 458 Spider has won me over to top-down driving.
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art-of-fishing-lure-gear-patrol-lead The Art of the Fishing Lure
Fishermen have long known that fish are often smarter than they. But the rest of us probably haven’t given the lures used to catch these clever, wary creatures their due. In fact, the best lures are really works of inventiveness, science, utility and even art. Learn some fly history
Wearables-Gear-Patrol-Lead Decrypted: Are Wearables Worth It?
In a sense, producers of wearables are trying to convince you that they’re something you can’t possibly live without…something like your smartphone. Chances are, however, you can. Darren Murph examines the current state of the smartwatch. Debunk the myths
Ferrari-308-BTW-Gear-Patrol-Lead Driving the Dino 308 GT4, the Most Controversial Ferrari in History
Featuring a slew of firsts, the Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 was wrapped in controversy, failed in sales and has been looked down upon by aficionados for years. Today there is a resurgence in the interest of this ill-fated groundbreaker. We talked to one proud owner to find out why. Drive this red pony
Urban-Fishing-Gear-Patrol-Lead The Complete Guide to Fishing Eight American Cities
Fishing is a lot of things to a lot of people, but one thing it’s not is easily defined. Excluded from the latest definition, whose authors subscribed a little too obsessively to A River Runs Through It, is “ugly” fishing: the lines dropped from rocky piers, the lures twanged off bridge abutments, picking through the empty parking lot out behind Sears to get to the water. Modernity hasn’t left fisherman many beautiful spots, but damn if that’s gonna stop us. These eight cities prove that you can get away within the city limits, and that some of the best fishing in the country doesn’t depend on a distant locale.
Fish metropolis
Luminox-P38-Gear-Patrol-Lead Time Is Money: The Luminox P-38 Lightning GMT
Do fighter planes have clocks? I ask myself when I look at Luminox’s P-38 Lightning GMT ($500+). If they did, they’d certainly look like this one. That’s the point: the P-38 is part of Luminox’s line of “Air”-inspired watches. The question, as always, is: is it worth it the price tag?
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