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Today in Gear: August 18, 2014

Toyota-FT-1-Graphite-Gear-Patrol Toyota FT-1 Graphite
Toyota shocked the auto world in January with the release of their front-engine, rear-wheel drive FT-1 concept. Now, Toyota has released its updated version of the concept, which features graphite paint and a premium leather interior. These refinements only fuel speculation that it will eventually reach production. We say build the damn thing already, Toyota. toyota.com
Bishop-Concept-Gear-Patrol Bandit9 Bishop
The typical reaction to a new motorcycle is to want to hop on and go for a spin — but most will probably be content with just looking at Bandit9’s beautiful new bike. The Bishop is based on a 125cc Honda Supersport and features an aluminum unibody with siding made from a choice of walnut, oak or teak. All of the Bandit’s parts are bespoke and thus only nine bikes will be built and sold; better be quick with the checkbook, easy rider. $6,400+
Spanish-Chair-Gear-Patrol Sit And Read Spanish Chair
If you wish for your den to emulate a 1960s study, Sit And Read’s new Spanish chair might just be for you. Originally designed in 1959, the chair is made from oak and soft, worn leather, making it not only stylish but also perfectly comfortable for a long afternoon of reading. $2,700
PUC-Wireless-Gear-Patrol Zivix PUC
If you’ve been looking to get your electric/jazz fusion group off the ground and into the hearts and minds of the public, the Zivix PUC might help you get there. Plug your keyboard, guitar pedals or other MIDI devices into the PUC and it will wirelessly connect them to your iOS device so they can be used with the music-making apps you’ve dished out tens of dollars on. Now if only your bassist could get it together. $130
Hop-Knife-Harvest-Gear-Patrol Troegs Hop Knife Harvest Ale
Hoppy beers and summer go together like bacon and eggs. Troegs Brewing knows this, which is why they’ve released Hop Knife Harvest, the second of three seasonal hop-centric brews. Troegs picks their hops at the peak of maturity, resulting in a citrusy beer with tropical aromas. Hop Knife will be available for the rest of the summer through October. troegs.com
Hunter-Backpack-Gear-Patrol Hunter Backpacks
No one’s a stranger to the fear of ruining the valuables in our backpacks when it starts to rain, which is why rainwear maker Hunter is releasing a line of weather-resistant backpacks for Fall 2014. The bags are made with either supple leather or bonded rubber, and feature a padded laptop compartment. Afraid yellow will clash with your outfit? The backpacks come in a variety of different colors both bright and muted. hunter-boot.com ()
Haven-Down-Scarf-Gear-Patrol Rocky Mountain Featherbed Down Scarf
Though winter may not be on your mind during the season of rum and shorts, it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead. Rocky Mountain Featherbed’s new scarf is made from nylon and stuffed with down feathers — perfect for keeping your neck warm during the impending cold months. $124
River-Runs-Style-Gear-Patrol-Lead A Style Guide To A River Runs Through It
While watching A River Runs Through It to inspire ourselves for our Fishing Issue we couldn’t help but also take stock in its unforgettable style. Oxfords, waistcoats, felt, and not a single pair of shorts in sight. What proceeds are 28 modern interpretations of a squarely 1920s look — a handsome one at that. Wade in and who knows, maybe you’ll catch a few items of your own. Read This Story
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