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Today in Gear: August 21, 2014

Red-Wing-Blacksmith-Gear-Patrol Red Wing Blacksmith
The newest member of Red Wing’s popular throwback-oriented Heritage line, the Blacksmith Boot, is based on a style from the brand’s archive that was popular in rural areas for its ability to hold up in the field but still clean up enough to look great out on the town. The oil-tanned “Rough & Tough” leather is water stain-resistant and Red Wing’s build quality is off the charts, so you won’t need to change up to a new pair for a long time. $300
HTC-One-Gear-Patrol HTC One (M8) For Windows
Though Windows is often seen as the forgotten child when it comes to mobile platforms, the OS’s customizable “Live Tile” interface, sleek hubs, Cortana personal assistant (sorry, Siri) and Microsoft office capability are reason enough to garner a sizable following. Lucky for fans of the operating system, the M8 version of the HTC One is now available with Windows (in addition to Android), making it the first flagship smartphone to offer multiple operating systems. In addition to the benefits of Windows, the HTC One still retains its unique features such as Boom Sound, a Duo Camera and handsome unibody design. htc.com
Cambridge-Audio-Wireless-Speakers-Gear-Patrol Cambridge Audio Wireless Speakers
Cambridge Audio’s already great lineup of wireless speakers gets an upgrade with the introduction of an updated Minx Go, Go Radio and the Bluetone 100. The new version of the Go gets a built-in battery pack that will charge your device on the go and has a battery life of 18 hours. You also get integrated FM and NFC bluetooth when you upgrade to the slightly more pricey Go Radio. If you’re more concerned with audio quality than portability, the Bluetone 100 remains plugged in but offers better sound as well as Airplay, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. $180+
Mema-ALU-dog-collar-gear-patrol MEMA Pets ALU Collar
The ALU collar is made from waterproof and mosquito-repelling cork and is stitched with long-lasting hemp webbing. But its most impressive feature is an anodized aluminum buckle made with rare earth magnets that are easy to put on and take off but strong enough to not come undone if your dog is pulling on its leash. $150
Lifestar-USB-Cables-Gear-Patrol Lifestar USB Charge Cables
If you’re concerned about your charging cable not matching your outfit, Lifestar’s new collection of handcrafted USB cables might just be up your alley. Their outer layers are made from various materials including denim and leather, and double stitching and layers make them less likely to fray or tangle. $20+
Maxx-Unicorn-Twisted-Cuff-Gear-Patrol Maxx&Unicorn Co. Twisted Cuff
Though we’re pretty content with watches making up the bulk of our wristwear, it doesn’t hurt to shake things up a little bit. M&U Co.’s new industrial-inspired Solid Brass Cuff is a subtle and classy way to change up your wrist-game while looking classier than your high-school-era friendship bracelet. $75
Best-Movie-Watches-Gear-Patrol-Lead-v2 Screen Time: 8 Of Cinema’s Coolest Watches
Watches generally hold two positions in movies: they’re either part of the story, or part of the character. In either case, given the right circumstances, movie watches can reach icon status for watch enthusiasts and movie buffs alike. These are our eight favorite silver screen timepieces that have made a huge impact on both cinema and the watch world.Read This Story
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