A Stranger Collaboration

Viewfinder: Seven Outliers in Iceland

Seven strangers traveled to Iceland in 2011. They were creatives — filmmakers, photographers, musicians — who came together for a specific, yet conversely ambiguous purpose: to document beauty. “This landscape is unlike anything any of us have ever seen. You truly have to marvel at it”, narrates art director Ryan Sievert. “It feels like around every turn, there is something completely unreal to experience.”

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The project was planned by two photographers — a Dane, Kim Høltermand, and LA native Tim Navis — who, with a mutual respect for each other’s work, just wanted an opportunity to “create” together. They assembled a team, all of whom had never met, planned an Icelandic journey and executed it head on.

“It feels like our collective passion and creative spirit act as some sort of emotional glue”, Sievert continues. “We know we are involved in something beautiful and unique. And we’re in it together. It’s amazing what can happen with a little passion and inspiration.” In truth, the film is amorphous, lacking a linear focus. But that’s the point. The team set out to create for creation’s sake; they put themselves in beautiful locations, let the weeds grow around them and never turned off their cameras. With a completely original score, Outliers, Vol. 1: Iceland is the culmination of the landscapes, people and traditions they encountered.