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This Week in Sports and Outdoors: August 21, 2014

Copenhagen-Gear-Patrol Copenhagen’s New Skyway
While New York cracks down on cyclists by issuing more tickets, Copenhagen unveiled an elevated roadway just for cyclists in June. The Cykelslangen takes riders over, instead of through, a waterfront shopping area, relieving congestion and making the area safer for both cyclists and pedestrians.
Adventure-Bread-Gear-Patrol Bread for Adventurers
Bread heads passing through San Francisco should stop at The Mill for Josey Baker’s “adventure bread”, a seed-heavy, gluten-free creation that packs well for a weekend hike. Huckberry has an excerpt from his cook book and the recipe so you can make it at home.
Gator-Gear-Patrol Catching the Biggest Gator Ever
It’s gator season in Alabama, and that’s not a euphemism for anything. This year a family netted a 1,000-pound beast. Read on for a play-by-play of the hunt.
Blades-Gear-Patrol Reinvented Running Blades
The next generation of running blades for paralympians are being called the “F1” version — i.e., serious business. The blades act more like a human foot than older versions — and they were tested in the wind tunnel.
Hot-Tub-Gear-Patrol A Portable Hot Tub
Adventurers who don’t like to leave any of the comforts of home behind can pick up a Nomad collapsible tub for a mini pool to go. Get the heater coil and you’ve got a hot tub. $550
Breakfast-Gear-Patrol Is Breakfast Overrated?
The Times suggests that, given recent findings in the scientific community, breakfast may not be important for weight management or keeping a healthy metabolic rate. Our findings suggest it is important if you like eggs and bacon, though.
Knife-gear-patrol The Perfect Knife
The Gear Institute awards its first perfect 100 score ever to the Benchmade 300 Axis Flipper knife.
Best-Sunscreens-Gear-Patrol-Lead 11 Sunscreens for Every Occasion
Whether or not you’ve felt the need to cover up in the past, here’s a news flash: even if you don’t burn, you should be doing something to block the UV rays from permeating your dermis.