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This Week in Culture: August 22, 2014

The Simpsons Binge Begins For the first time in, well, ever, fans of the classic animated sitcom can sit down and watch every single episode from its inception to its most recent season. As it should, the internet has provided numerous tips on how to watch and what to look for, assuming you’re able to dedicate a significant chunk of your time to doing nothing but watching cartoons.
Crusading for College Affordability First-term Senator Elizabeth Warren is fighting a battle for an affordable college experience that ranges from lofty and unrealistic to truly bipartisan friendly.
Photographing American Outcasts In 2006 David Waldorf started photographing the people of Brookside Trailer Park in Sonoma, California. While they were weary at first, out of the venture came a tight bond between the photographer and the trailer park’s occupants, as well as an excellent photo series.
The New Basement Tapes Elvis Costello, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons and other contemporary artists have banded together to finish and record incomplete, half-century-old songs written by Bob Dylan. The group has just released their first finished cut, “Nothing To It”, along with a video; the rest of the album is due out November 11th.
A Simple Way to Fall Asleep Getting a good night’s sleep will pretty much help you become a better person overall, but it’s easier said than done. If you feel like you’ve tried everything to fall asleep faster, the solution may be simpler than you thought.
The Cause of Coffee Addiction While we figure that loving coffee is merely a side effect of having a brain, tastebuds and a working pulse, your coffee addiction may not actually be a result of flavor or even caffeine.
The Most Powerful Word In Music The Beatles, The Cure, The Clash and The Hives all used the omnipresent article in their titles — and though it may seem inconsequential, the word “the” has influenced bands’ success, members and style more than one would think.
Turbopedia Who among us hasn’t read through a Wikipedia page and eventually shouted “get to the point!” Someone could apparently hear us, and thus TL;DR Wikipedia was born. Judging from their entry on Brown University, it’s probably more factual than the standard version.
Bryan and Aaron Together Again The Emmys are just around the corner, and to help promote it, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have teamed up yet again in a pawn shop reality show spoof, “Barely Legal Pawn”. Suffice to say the twist ending is almost as shocking as Breaking Bad’s finale.
Brews and Ball While craft brewing is becoming a formidable force in the food and drink industry, its consumption in stadiums is spotty at best. The Washington Post broke down which stadiums offer the best beers and which are striking out in terms of beer choice.
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