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In Case You Missed It: August 17 – 24

Best-LA-Burgers-Gear-Patrol-LEad-FUll- On the Buger Trail in Los Angeles
The city of Los Angeles is known for Hollywood stars, sprawling traffic…and gourmet burgers. Yes, that sandwich concoction that first appeared in the late 1800s has become a staple in the City of Angels. There are the obvious picks like Umami, Father’s Office, Apple Pan and of course In-N-Out; but a quick Yelp search for “burger” reveals almost 6,000 places to sit and enjoy ground meat on a bun. We spent a week seeking some of the lesser known but equally (arguably more) loved options. Join the burger hunt
Leadville-Essay-Gear-Patrol-Lead- Racing Across the Sky in Colorado
Leadville, CO, is the highest incorporated city in the United States. GP contributor Peter Koch went there for a 100-mile mountain bike race. Follow his wheels
Iceland-Outliers-Viewfinder-Gear-Patrol-Lead Viewfinder: Seven Outliers in Iceland
Seven creatives — filmmakers, photographers and musicians — who had never met traveled to Iceland in 2011 with one purpose: to document beauty. Outliers, Vol. 1: Iceland is the amorphous, unfocused, and impressive culmination of the landscapes, people and traditions they encountered. Watch him fly
Decrypted-Throttling-Gear-Patrol-Lead-Full Decrypted: A Guide to Avoiding Data Throttling
Throttling is a term that has snuck up on laypeople all of a sudden, particularly applying to how mobile data is delivered. Rather than just cutting users off altogether once a certain usage level is reached, carriers far and wide are instead putting a chokehold on the speed at which data is delivered. In other words, those who consume too much lightning-fast LTE data may find their emails loading much slower until the next billing cycle. That’s better than no data at all, but it’s a very poor user experience that you’d be wise to avoid. Read the story
Best-Webseries-Gear-Patrol-Lead Five Comedy Series that Prove the Web’s Staying Power
Some of the most original and exciting programming today is first written and produced for the web. If this trend has passed you by, here are five comedy web series to get you up to speed. Laugh online
omega-chronostop-gear-patrol-Lead Timekeeping Selects: OMEGA Chronostop
For the sixth installment of our Timekeeping Selects series with Analog/Shift, we bring you a gem in the form of an OMEGA Chronostop ($1,450), a unique timepiece from 1968 with a bright blue dial and a unique one-minute chronograph. Check it out
Icon-Jeep-Wagoneer-Gear-Patrol-AMBIANCE The History of the Jeep Wagoneer, the First Sport Utility Vehicle
You can’t build a successful SUV today without incorporating comforts like leather and DVD players alongside trail-dominating suspension and chunky all-terrain tires. If any car proved this formula was a successful one, it was the car that did it first: the Jeep Wagoneer. Educate yourself
7-PASSENGER-SUV-GEAR-PATROL-LEAD Pack ‘Em In: 5 Great 7-Passenger SUVs
It’s no longer enough for a big SUV to transport seven; it has to look good and feel good (for both driver and passengers) while doing it. Our intrepid Octane crew drove five of the best seven-passenger SUVs out there and found a flavor for just about anyone. While none of these five SUVs are perfect, each is grand in its own right by virtue of style, quality and utility. Get the lowdown
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