This Week In Motoring: August 25, 2014

Michelin-Premier-Gear-Patrol These Tires Won’t Tire
Bald tires might be a thing of the past with Michelin’s new Premier A/S tire. As the tire wears, new grooves appear, retaining the tire’s ability to displace water and keep your car on the road. Simple, yet brilliant.
Greg-Buntain-Gear-Patrol The Lure of the Open Road on Two Wheels
Furniture designer Greg Buntain takes to the winding road in beautiful Aspen and shows us all why motorcycling through the mountains is like nothing else.
Bently-Design-Gear-Patrol A New Direction for Bentley
As if their current lineup lacked beauty, Bentley Motors’ upcoming SUV will signal a new design direction for the UK-based uber-luxury carmaker. Bentley aims to add a bit more aggressiveness while remaining just as posh — no small feat.
Women-And-Cars-Gear-Patrol The Fairer Sex Buys the Wheels
It turns out 53 percent of millennials who purchase cars are female; in light of this, car dealers and manufacturers are starting to refine their marketing strategies to cater to them.
First-Range-Rover-Gear-Patrol The First, The Legendary
On September 4th, at Silverstone Auctions Salon Privé Sale in London, an icon will hit the auction block. Range Rover Chassis #001 in all its Olive Green glory goes up for sale. It’s undergone a six-year, ground-up, full restoration — meaning whoever gets their mitts on it can bask in its vintage delights off road.
Volvo-240-History-Gear-Patrol Four Decades of Beautiful Swedish Boxes
The Volvo 240 is an icon not for its performance or beauty but for its utilitarian toughness and longevity. Of the 2.8 million produced, many of them are still roaming the world’s roads, and we’re thankful for it. Jalopnik celebrates 40 years of the 240.
Stolen-Hondas-Gear-Patrol Thieves Still Love Hondas
The 2013 list of most stolen cars is out. Turns out rather than Ferraris and Porsches, it’s used Honda Accords and Civics that tantalize the sticky handed.