Today in Gear: August 25, 2014

Cobra-Brief-Gear-Patrol booq Cobra Brief
booq’s latest, the Cobra briefcase, is as storage efficient as a microSD: the exterior alone features a front zipper pocket for business cards or boarding passes, an iPad-sized pocket, and a larger pocket for documents and notebooks, while the interior features several more pockets and storage compartments. And it’s weatherproof — so all your cyberpunk gadgets won’t get ruined in the rain. $295
Four-Point-Gear-Patrol Four Point Playing Cards
A proper gentleman should own a proper set of playing cards — not a faded old souvenir set from a visit to Key West. This hand-illustrated deck, designed by graphic artist Ben Vierck and printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company, draws aesthetic inspiration from ancient symbols, yoga, and money. Perfect for drinking games — you know, gentleman stuff. $11
Lacoste-L.12.12-Gear-Patrol Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc
Lacoste has released a special edition of its signature cologne to honor this year’s U.S. Open. The flacon is a charming spin on the iconic Lacoste L.12.12 polo: pure white with textured sides that match the polo’s material, and of course, the signature gator in neon yellow. With hints of grapefruit, rosemary, cardamom and cedar, you won’t smell like you’ve just come off the court — that’s probably a good thing. $69
Beatles-Mono-Gear-Patrol The Beatles in Mono Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set
Yeah, everyone’s heard the Beatles. But listening to the Beatles in remastered stereo is like looking at a dinky Jackson Pollock print instead of the real thing; you get the idea of it, but clearly it wasn’t meant to be seen that way. Likewise, you haven’t really heard The Beatles until you’ve heard them in mono, as they intended to be heard — consider this new edition of Beatles records a restoration rather than a remix. $375
Cabelas-Icebreaker-Gear-Patrol Cabela’s + Icebreaker Co-Branded Apparel
Cabela’s and Icebreaker, leaders in hunting and merino athletic wear, respectively, are teaming up for a new line of hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear. The new line will include thermal tops and bottoms; relaxed boxer briefs; and merino wool crew shirts, gloves, and beanies. cabelas.com ()
Kulcar-Gear-Patrol Kulcar
The summer heat can be bad enough without having to get a seat-full of it as soon as you sit down in your car. Kulcar, a solar-powered ventilation device, replaces the hot air in your car every 90 seconds while the engine’s off, using solar power. And beyond cooling your seatbelt buckle, Kulcar reduces toxic fumes that seat materials emit in extreme heat. $89
Collecting-Wine-Gear-Patrol-Lead-Full- More Mature with Age
I come from a family of beer drinkers, firmly rooted in the blue-collar heritage of my grandfather’s construction and carpentry business. My father likes to say that it was his own skill at unskilled labor that paid his way through college. He whole-heartedly embraced the craft beer movement. My brothers share his taste for the malt, but my passion has been for wine. Read This Article
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