Follow Your Fears

“Spending It Well”, with a Dirt Bike and a Parachute

A dirt bike, a parachute, and no fear. That’s what it takes to execute a novel idea in extreme sports. “If everything doesn’t go perfectly to plan, then, you know, I’ll move on to the next life”, says Brad O’Neal. The Pro Motocross Rider is planning to hit a massive skyward ramp at 80 mph — without a prayer of landing on two wheels. It’s all part of his attempt to become the first person to base jump off a dirt bike. And he’s stoked about it.

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Growing up, O’Neal says his fun always held hands with his fear. “Almost every time I do something big, there’s so much tying you down, like it’s always this overwhelming fear”, reveals the rider. “But the things that you’re apprehensive about are usually the things that are going to bring you the most joy. That’s a serious struggle, balancing what your mind is telling you and then what your heart is telling you what you should do.”

People have base jumped off skyscrapers, bridges and even into the world’s deepest chasms. But never from flat ground. Live Unbound’s short film Follow Your Fears documents the rider’s struggle to conquer fear with conviction and turn a boyhood fantasy into reality. For thrill seekers, length of life isn’t as important as how it’s spent. O’Neal’s bicep tattoo reads: Spend it well.