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Re: Grind it Out: 10 Best Coffee Grinders


I just happened to stumble upon your website while searching for a coffee grinder…I’ve since read almost all the content on the page, though I can’t afford most of it. What a great website you have, I was most fond of the Road To La Ruta series and the article on climbing Mt. Rainier (Climbing the Volcano). I also thought “The Desktops of GP” was a very clever way on getting to know the folks over at GP. Should you ever find yourselves in the need of a good project manager let me know! In the meantime keep up the great work.


BMW-X6-Success-Gear-Patrol-Lead-Full BMW
Re: The Bizarre Success of the BMW X6

BMW X6?…….Pontiac Aztek?……really? When you get around 40, your eyesight, even though in youth, a light-gathering wonder of creation, starts to diminish. Time to visit the eye doc. I fought it. Don’t.


GP: Dale, we wrote on how the success of the BMW X6 comes in spite of its looks, not because of them. But you are right, for all the time we spend in front of a computer screen each day, a visit to the optometrist probably isn’t such a bad idea.

fishing-issue-tag-header The Fishing Issue
Re: The Fishing Issue

Hey guys,

First, I wanted to say thank you for pointing your readers toward a local fly shop in the event that they decide that they want to undertake this obsessive lifestyle that is fly fishing. Brick and mortar locations have been closing rapidly over the past few years as internet retailers continue to grow and fly fishing has been hurt as a consequence of this shift. There is a plus side to more and more information being available via Google and Youtube. Everything is more accessible and people learn far more quickly. The downside is the huge dilution of quality information that people used to come to fly shops to get. We try to keep the tradition of the old fly shop alive and well as we feel that more anglers involved in the sport will only help to protect the resources that we cherish.

If you guys ever have a desire to do more features on current fly fishing gear, locations, guide services, or anything at all, we’d really like to help. If not for overall experience level (our staff has fished all over the world for all types of species), then at least to shape the information being put out into the blogosphere. I really don’t mean to be the American-made guy as I recognize the fact that quality products can be made in a lot of different places. But we are lucky that there are manufacturers in fly fishing who work really hard to keep their factories located domestically. It’s a little bit of a letdown to see homegrown companies like Scott or Tibor be listed next to a company like Hardy, who used to produce quality gear in Alnwick before shipping production to Korea and still charging a premium for their gear.

So, if you guys guys ever need info, and I haven’t come across as a complete elitist, please feel free to reach out. We would love to help.


GP: Jared, don’t be surprised if we call on you for comment sometime down the line…or just to join us on the river bank for our annual company fishing trip. Note: We’ve yet to have a company fishing trip.

Re: Pack ‘Em In: 5 Great 7-Passenger SUVs

Generally I agree with most of your judgments and opinions on gear and such but you blew it on this article. How anyone could leave out the premier 7 passenger SUV on the market, the Acura MDX is remarkable. I virtually every category you chose as evaluation criteria, from price to features the Acura blows away the competition. Check out auto writers and buyers – look at the features head to head (You can do that at www.acura.com/comparevehicles ) and then tell me the MDX doesn’t lead the pack. You guys are hung up on big names, German underperforming and over engineered breakdown steel and trendy runabouts that sell for less and don’t last. I know, I sold most of those brands at one time or another.


all-american-drives-gear-patrol-lead- 10 Great Drives: Less Traveled, All-American
Re: 10 Great Drives: Less Traveled, All-American

I recently went on the drive across US 212 that you mention in the article “10 Great Drives: Less Traveled, All-American”, and seemed to have a much different experience than you described. The drive just wasn’t nearly as “brow sweat inducing” as you described — it was a pleasant drive no doubt but the majority of the drive was straight roads through small towns dropping speeds to 30mph. I have no regrets taking the adventure — it was definitely a beautiful drive, but I felt like you might have exaggerated with the adjectives enough to be misleading.

Great suggestions though – can’t wait to try a few more.


Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 4.32.04 PM Tell the truth
Re: Gear Patrol, Generally

Just between you and me, I promise I won’t tell, but wasn’t Gear Patrol created so all the “Swinging Dicks” who work there could get FREE stuff.

Mainly, obscenely expensive watches!

If only I had thought of it first.

Keep up the great work.


GP: Just between you and me, you’re exactly right. Now if only they’d let us keep the watches…

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