Few countries we’ve visited over the past few years have been as impressive as Portugal. The country’s two major cities, Lisbon and Porto, are brimming with homegrown art, design and music scenes that have begun to spawn legitimate business endeavors and are helping to raise the country from its economic woes. With an appetite for authentic Portuguese culture, GP contributor Ross Belfer laced up his Nikes and set out to explore the country’s wonders step by step, connecting with locals behind the lens and dodging English-only tourist haunts.

Photo Info: Nikon FE-1 with Nikkor 28mm lens; Leica MiniLux; Kodak TX400 black and white film; Kodak Porta 400

MORE ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Governor’s Ball 2014 | The Dorrance of Providence, RI | The Cayman Sister Islands

Ross Belfer

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