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This Week in Gear: August 30, 2014


appy Labor Day Weekend and welcome to this week’s edition of This Week in Gear — a single shot serving of an entire week’s worth of killer new gear pulled from our weekday editions of Today in Gear. Bookmark it to peruse over Sunday brunch and start your Monday completely up to speed. Have a killer weekend and be sure to have one for us.

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Cobra-Brief-Gear-Patrol booq Cobra Brief
booq’s latest, the Cobra briefcase, is as storage efficient as a microSD: the exterior alone features a front zipper pocket for business cards or boarding passes, an iPad-sized pocket, and a larger pocket for documents and notebooks, while the interior features several more pockets and storage compartments. And it’s weatherproof — so all your cyberpunk gadgets won’t get ruined in the rain. $295
Four-Point-Gear-Patrol Four Point Playing Cards
A proper gentleman should own a proper set of playing cards — not a faded old souvenir set from a visit to Key West. This hand-illustrated deck, designed by graphic artist Ben Vierck and printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company, draws aesthetic inspiration from ancient symbols, yoga, and money. Perfect for drinking games — you know, gentleman stuff. $11
Lacoste-L.12.12-Gear-Patrol Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc
Lacoste has released a special edition of its signature cologne to honor this year’s U.S. Open. The flacon is a charming spin on the iconic Lacoste L.12.12 polo: pure white with textured sides that match the polo’s material, and of course, the signature gator in neon yellow. With hints of grapefruit, rosemary, cardamom and cedar, you won’t smell like you’ve just come off the court — that’s probably a good thing. $69
Beatles-Mono-Gear-Patrol The Beatles in Mono Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set
Yeah, everyone’s heard the Beatles. But listening to the Beatles in remastered stereo is like looking at a dinky Jackson Pollock print instead of the real thing; you get the idea of it, but clearly it wasn’t meant to be seen that way. Likewise, you haven’t really heard The Beatles until you’ve heard them in mono, as they intended to be heard — consider this new edition of Beatles records a restoration rather than a remix. $375
Cabelas-Icebreaker-Gear-Patrol Cabela’s + Icebreaker Co-Branded Apparel
Cabela’s and Icebreaker, leaders in hunting and merino athletic wear, respectively, are teaming up for a new line of hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear. The new line will include thermal tops and bottoms; relaxed boxer briefs; and merino wool crew shirts, gloves, and beanies. ()
Kulcar-Gear-Patrol Kulcar
The summer heat can be bad enough without having to get a seat-full of it as soon as you sit down in your car. Kulcar, a solar-powered ventilation device, replaces the hot air in your car every 90 seconds while the engine’s off, using solar power. And beyond cooling your seatbelt buckle, Kulcar reduces toxic fumes that seat materials emit in extreme heat. $89
Collecting-Wine-Gear-Patrol-Lead-Full- More Mature with Age
I come from a family of beer drinkers, firmly rooted in the blue-collar heritage of my grandfather’s construction and carpentry business. My father likes to say that it was his own skill at unskilled labor that paid his way through college. He whole-heartedly embraced the craft beer movement. My brothers share his taste for the malt, but my passion has been for wine. Read This Article
Volvo-XC90-Gear-Patrol 2015 Volvo XC90
It’s hard to believe the big Swede SUV has essentially gone unchanged for 11 years — a virtual automotive Methuselah. Now the veil’s been pulled on the long-awaited ground-up redesign. The handsome (albeit risk-free) body is fuller than the old car’s, with “Thor’s Hammer” T-shaped LED running lights flanking the recognizable Volvo grille. The standard XC90 comes with a 2-liter turbocharged, all-wheel-drive, 316 horsepower engine. The XC90 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid gets the same engine, coupled with an electric motor for a huge 400 horsepower. Look for our review in the coming weeks.
Xbox-One-Madden-25-Bundle-Gear-Patrol Xbox One Madden NFL 15 Bundle
Football fans rejoice: the limited-edition Madden NFL 15 Bundle launches today. The set includes an Xbox One console, controller, Madden game download, a standard headset and a token for three Madden NFL Ultimate Team Pro Packs. The real wow factor, however, is its built-in fantasy football feature, which allows players to track their team’s progress in the middle of a heated Madden game. $399
Polo-Ralph-Lauren-Wearable-Tech-Gear-Patrol Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt
Ralph Lauren have joined in the Wearable Tech trend with their Polo Tech shirt. The announcement coincides with the start of the US Open in New York this week. Merging biometrics with active lifestyle apparel, sensors knitted into the fabric read players’ heartbeat, respiration, and several psychometrics (stress level and energy output). Keep an eye out for the black and yellow shirt on ball boys throughout the tournament.
Converse-CONS-Auckland-Racer-Gear-Patrol Converse CONS First String Engineered Auckland Racer
Converse surprises its loyal customer base with this new collection of limited-edition sneakers, spotlighting an Engineered Canvas Jacquard fabric — a more contemporary salute to the brand’s iconic canvas. The result is a lightweight shoe constructed from a one-piece upper, available in five different colors: mint, coral, and local favorites red, white, and blue. $120
Fringe-Focus-Laser-Engraved-Risk-Board-Gear-Patrol Fringe Focus Wooden Board Game World Map
Game of Thrones enthusiasts can curb their thirst for backstabbing and world domination in the off season with this wooden, laser-engraved Risk board from Fringe Focus (a one-man operation based out of Chicago). The continents are carved from different types of wood, sanded and finished with oil, providing attractive contrast to the world at large. (Game pieces not included.) $150
Moshi-Venturo-Bag-Gear-Patrol Moshi Venturo Bag
Venturo, Italian for “next” or “coming”, shares its Latin root with the word for wind. Fittingly, the Venturo laptop backpack’s cross-body design allows its wearers to sling the bag from back to front for swift access to all their belongings. The interior comfortably holds up to a 15” laptop, with additional pockets for all cables and accessories. $120
Up-for-Coffee-App-Gear-Patrol Up for Coffee
Our phones and tablets are breeding grounds for digital disarray. Remembering the time of Sunday’s coffee-date with Samantha (or was this week Nicole?) too often requires sifting through days’ worth of texts and cat photos. The opportunists who created Up for Coffee (iOS) have eliminated that problem, incorporating simple push-invites and automatic reminders into a handy little app. Free
Pebble-Beach-Photo-Essay-Gear-Patrol-LEAD Photo Essay: Pebble Beach
There’s no place on earth like the Pebble Beach’s Concours d’Elegance. The cars on display at the world-renowned automotive festival are some of the finest and rarest feats of engineering and design the world has ever seen — and that’s just the parking lot. Read Full Story
Blue-Mo-Fi-Headphones-Gear-Patrol Blue Mo-Fi Headphones
Mo-Fi stands for “true mobile high fidelity”, and that’s what Blue Microphones’ new headphone line delivers. They’re the first headphones to combine a built-in audiophile amplifier with ultra-premium drivers. The multi-jointed headband and innovative ear cups maximize comfort and forbid sound quality deterioration, no matter what device it’s hooked up with. And the battery life is exceptional. $350
Timbuk2-Backpack-Gear-Patrol Timbuk2 x Red Hook Crit Travel Backpack
Ultra-light and loaded with compartments, this Timbuk2 and Red Hook Crit collaboration is ideal for bikers and was designed for racing. With a tuck-away shoulder strap, the ripstop nylon backpack easily converts into a duffel bag. The bag comes in red and black, and is water resistant with reflective elements. $99
Desktop-Chair-V2-Gear-Patrol Desktop Chair v2
Tablets are often most useful in the upright position. The Desktop Chair props up your tablet with premium cross-grained and hydraulically hot-pressed wood, which ensures durability. It’s also accommodating to all tablets, no matter their size or shape. $60
Shwood-Acetate-Stone-Sunglasses-Gear-Patrol Shwood Acetate & Stone Fifty/Fifty Collection
This sunglass collection is a collaboration of opposites: polished black acetate and coarse white stone. Available in four silhouettes, the light/dark juxtaposition adds flair to some already natty shades. $195
SNAP-Modular-Kayak-Gear-Patrol SNAP Modular Kayak
The SNAP is a high-performance and versatile ocean kayak that breaks apart, for transporting and storing, and then snaps back together. Made of polyethylene, it features foldable backrests, upholders, contoured foot braces and, for fishermen, integrated rod holders. The compact kayak comes in a few sizes (it can fit between one to four people depending how many sections you use) with a year warranty. $192+
Overland-Empire-Enamel-Mug-Gear-Patrol Overland Empire Enamel Mug
For campers and outdoorsmen, this is an ideal hot beverage container. The black and white mugs feature the OE elephant and (as the name suggests) have a protective enamel coating. Pre-order to receive an already affordable mug at a discounted rate. $15+
best-airport-restaurant-gear-patrol-lead Preflight Bites: America’s Best Airport Restaurants
While airports have yet to become actual dining destinations — we’re not meeting friends at LaGuardia for dinner — we’re in the midst of a gentle culinary renaissance at some of the country’s biggest hubs. From ‘cue to sushi, here are the best airport restaurants in the country. Read this story
SeaLife-Waterproof-Camera-Gear-Patrol SeaLife Micro HD Waterproof Camera
The SeaLife Micro HD should delight anyone who feels overwhelmed by the prospect of buying underwater photography gear. The Micro HD is the first permanently sealed underwater camera, featuring no openings or detachable parts from which leaks can spring, and its streamlined controls and symbol-based interface are easy to handle amid the preoccupations of underwater expeditions — water pressure, oxygen levels, hostile sea life, etc.
Cole-Haan-Shoes-Gear-Patrol Cole Haan MR PORTER Zero Grand Shoes
Cole Haan’s Zero Grand line began as an update to the brogue shoe, imbuing the classic style with modern comfort. Exclusively for Mr. Porter, Cole Haan extends the line with tassel loafers and suede chukka boots. The grooved, flexible soles remain understated while providing essential comfort to the wearer. $270+
Hudson-Bay-Axe-Gear-Patrol Treeline Outdoors Hudson Bay Axe
Felling a tree, like fixing a leak or catching a fish, is one of those skills every man should learn to do at least once. Treeline Outdoors’ Hudson Bay Axe is a prime choice for first-timers and veteran loggers alike; everyone can appreciate its handsome straight-grained hickory handle, while its light 4-inch cutting edge should surprise seasoned woodsmen with its potency. $140
Bad-Seed-Chili-Gear-Patrol Bad Seed Chili Granola
Most granola in stores is garbage — crumbly oats and puffed rice, no healthier than Cap’n Crunch. Bad Seed’s Chili Granola is meant as a condiment, but you it might as well be a meal: among other ingredients, it contains sesame seed oil, grape seed oil, ginger, miso, brown sugar, sake, almonds, puffed rice, oats, sesame seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, apple, rice syrup, and coconut sugar. $11
Umbra-Shift-Nest-Office-Caddy-Gear-Patrol Umbra Shift Nest Office Caddy
A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind. Umbra Shift’s Nest Office Caddy contains about 115 cubic inches of storage space, works well as a shelf for other office supplies, and sports a sturdy metal handle in case you need to reorganize on the fly (or leave the company). $80
Rivulet-Pecan-Liqeur-Gear-Patrol Rivulet Pecan Liquer
Fall is still a little ways away, but it’s close enough to start practicing your autumnal cocktail. Take a break from pumpkins with Rivulet’s Pecan Liquer, winner of several accolades, including a double gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. A pecan Old Fashioned sounds a bit more rugged than a pumpkin martini, doesn’t it?
Slingbox-Tested-Gear-Patrol-Lead Tested: Slingbox M1
It’s easy to think that the ground made up by “TV Anywhere” streaming services from television providers as well as on demand resources like Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO GO have made owning a dedicated device like the Slingbox M1 irrelevant. But is that really the case? After spending a few days testing the newest member of the Slingbox family, the realistic answer is: it depends. Read This Article
LG-G-Watch-R-Gear-Patrol LG G Watch R
Sorry Huey Lewis, it actually isn’t that hip to be square, at least if LG’s new G Watch R is any indicator. Foregoing the nerdy square look of the old G Watch, the new R version boasts a fully round 1.3-inch OLED display that uses 100 percent of the watch’s face. Though it does a convincing analogue impression, the G Watch R runs Android Wear, is powered by a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor and offers 4GB of storage.
Altoair-Gear-Patrol Bairro Alto AltoAir
There are seemingly infinite ways to make a cup of coffee, but many seem to prefer the pour-over method. While this yields a damn fine cup of coffee, occasionally the filter paper will stick to the walls of the brewer and block up. Bairro Alto’s minimalist AltoAir eliminates walls. Besides looking cool, the flow rate of your coffee remains unrestricted. ~$58
Bell-Super-2R-Helmet-Gear-Patrol Bell Super 2R
Expanding on their successful Super model, Bell Helmets has just announced the Super 2R for trail and downhill mountain bikers. Essentially two helmets in one, the 2R features a removable protective chin bar that transforms the Super from an open face helmet for climbs, to a closed-face design perfect for fast, downhill descents. $200
Nike-Court-by-Fragment-Gear-Patrol Nike Court by Fragment
With all eyes on the U.S. Open, sportswear and apparel brands have been focusing on the future with wearable tech. Nike, on the other hand, has looked to the past to create their new collection with help from Fragment Design. It features old-school tennis jackets, a polo and two styles of tennis shoes (including the wonderfully brash Court Air Tech Challenge II). $90+
Brunton-All-Day-GoPro-Battery-Gear-Patrol Brunton All Day GoPro Battery
If you’re the type to spend your weekends making wicked-sweet videos of your outdoor excursions, you no doubt have a GoPro, so make sure to get a proper battery for it. The Brunton All Day Battery for the GoPro Hero3+ can supply up to four times the specified run time of your GoPro and is even weatherproof. It also doubles as a power supply for charging your smartphone, providing up to two and a half charges. $50
Grooming-Lounge-Super-Powder-Gear-Patrol Grooming Lounge Super Powder
Gentlemen, have you ever have that “not so fresh feeling”? Thankfully there’s a talcum powder for that. Grooming Lounge’s own Super Powder is made to absorb sweat and block odor, saving you from the tyranny of nasty privates, pits, feet and back. $16
Best-Dehydrated-Meals-Gear-Patrol-Lead-Full- Backcounty Cuisine: 5 Best Dehydrated Meals
Dehydrated meals are the camping food industry’s apex predator. They’re lightweight, simple to make and sold at every outdoor retailer; all that’s required is hot water. But history’s taught us that convenience and quality usually have inverse relationships. We tasted five of the industry’s top brands to see whether an easy, delicious fireside meal was a marketing ploy or a reality. Read This Story