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In Case You Missed It: August 24 – August 31

Best-Dehydrated-Meals-Gear-Patrol-Lead-Full- Backcountry Cuisine: 5 Best Dehydrated Meals
Dehydrated meals are the camping food industry’s apex predator. They’re lightweight, simple to make and sold at every outdoor retailer; all that’s required is hot water. But history’s taught us that convenience and quality usually have inverse relationships. We tasted five of the industry’s top brands to see whether an easy, delicious fireside meal was a marketing ploy or a reality. These were our results
Lisbon-72-Hours-Gear-Patrol-Lead 72 Hours in Lisbon, Portugal
The vibrant Portuguese capital is experiencing a cultural renaissance, fueled by a creative society motivated to lead the city out of economic decay. See the images
Chris-Burkhard-Canyoneering-Gear-Patrol-LEAD Photo Essay: Slot Canyoneering in Zion
GP contributor Chris Burkard and friends explore the canyons of Zion National Park’s Birch Hollow, Orderville Canyon and the Narrows on a day-long microadventure. Explore Zion here
Slingbox-Tested-Gear-Patrol-Lead Tested: Slingbox M1
It’s easy to think that the ground made up by “TV Anywhere” streaming services from television providers as well as on demand resources like Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO GO have made owning a dedicated device like the Slingbox M1 irrelevant. But is that really the case? After spending a few days testing the newest member of the Slingbox family, the realistic answer is: it depends. Read the review
Pebble-Beach-Essay-Gear-Patrol-Lead The Human Engine of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
The 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is a six-day automotive smörgåsbord on the bucolic greens of the Monterey Peninsula. We sent our non-car enthusiast editor, Matthew Ankeny, to see the scene, hear the stories, and relay the results. Here are his findings
Brian-O'Neal-Base-Jump-Gear-Patrol “Spending It Well”, with a Dirt Bike and a Parachute
A dirt bike. A parachute. And no fear. That’s what it takes to execute a novel idea in extreme sports. “If everything doesn’t go perfectly to plan then, you know, I’ll move on to the next life”, says Brad O’Neal. The Pro Motox Rider is planning to hit a massive skyward ramp, at 80 mph, without a prayer of landing. Watch his journey
Mondaine-Stop2Go-Gear-Patrol-Slide-4 Time Is Money: Figuring Out the Unconventional Mondaine Stop2Go
There are a couple of things that sober up a man. A grievous insult to one’s woman in a bar does it; cold night air is surprisingly effective; some swear by a black cup of coffee. And breaking something expensive will do it too, melt the slight warmth of the cheeks into a chilly sweat that dews the brow. I felt that recently, when I did something to mess up a Mondaine Stop2Go ($725) I’d been lent for testing. Read about the watch
Pebble-Beach-Kit-Gear-Patrol-LEad-FUll Kit: Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
Walking the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach with all manner of beautiful automobiles at your fingertips calls for some dressy duds and proper accessories. It’s far more than just a car show; it’s an automotive cultural event like no other, and just about everyone comes decked out to the nines. But it’s also no time to break out the tuxedo. Hence, this simple, handsome kit. Here’s what to wear
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