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Today in Gear: September 2, 2014

Great-Escape-Duffel Alite Designs Great Escape Duffel
For the casual camper, the bells and whistles attached to much outdoor gear not only adds unnecessary bulkiness, it also jacks up the price. This duffel from Alite Designs, escaping that, still offers ample internal storage space along with handy exterior straps for the extra campy stuff. With a lifetime guarantee, its the be-all, end-all stalwart duffel. $85
Jaguar-MKII-Gear-Patrol Ian Callum’s Jaguar Mark 2
If you take a beautiful classic and modernize it in the hands of British design icon Ian Callum, you might get something like his redesigned, personal-use Jaguar Mark 2. The year and-a-half project involved infusing it with a potent 4.3-liter XK engine, a 5-speed manual transmission, an updated rear suspension, and new front brakes. It’s wholly exceptional, and the only one of its kind. classic-motor-cars.co.uk
Kiehls-Facial-Fuel-Gear-Patrol Kiehl’s Heavy Lifting Eye Repair
We know: men’s eye cream may seem superfluous. But none of us are getting any younger. This stuff is the latest addition to the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Collection and targets the area around the eyes – the first part of the body to show signs of aging. It’s those little details. $30
Coverboy-Wire-Rack-Gear-Patrol Coverboy Hanging Wire Rack
This German designed storage rack doubles as a display piece. Just be sure the contents you parade as as pretty as the system itself. The powder-coated steel wires (offered in teal and white) can be combined in modular fashion and serves as a subtle, but helpful addition to any home or office. $238
Myles-Everyday-Short-Gear-Patrol Myles Everyday Short
Available for pre-sale are the Everyday Shorts from San-Francisco based company Myles, tailored for a stylish, yet active lifestyle. Available in standard and long fits, the and Nylon and Spandex blended fabric both repels water and stretches four ways for a comfortable jog or joy-ride through the city. $48
Sake-Making-Kit-Gear-Patrol Norse Hutchens Sake Making Kit
Homebrewing has seen somewhat of a renaissance in recent years, but rarely strays beyond that of beer, wine, and whiskey in the form of moonshine. Next time you’re in the mood for a science experiment, the latest kit from Norse Hutchens provides all the ingredients and tools necessary to make something different – sake. Pair it with your signature Basement IPA and you’ve got an entirely homemade sake bomb. $60 ()
ALDEA-BACALHAU-RECIPE-GEAR-PATROL Recipe: Bacalhau à Brás from Aldea
George Mendes shared this recipe for an avant-garde take on bacalhau à brás from his forthcoming cookbook, My Portugal: Recipes and Stories. Read This Story
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