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Today in Gear: September 3, 2014

Land-Rover-Discovery-Gear-Patrol Land Rover Discovery Sport
The Discovery name is back in the USA and the first edition to hit showrooms will be the “Sport” guise. The Disco’s 240 horsepower turbocharged 4 pot and 9-speed gearbox are plucked straight from the more expensive Evoque and an impressive tech suite inside should have you feeling like a sheikh without blowing your Shake Shack budget. Look for it to sell very quickly starting in early 2015. $37,995
New from jogging stroller king B.O.B, the Revolution Pro, adds an adjustable handlebar to their already stellar combination of suspension, rear drum brakes, swivel and a locking front wheel. Unfortunately for you, the lightweight, easy-to-fold aluminum frame and rugged construction means no more excuses for letting dust build up on your Nikes. $500
Easy to carry horizontally or vertically, the Toby Bag is perfect for people who change their mind often. The everyday handbag come in black, navy, ivy and white-tan leather. Featuring two interior zip pockets, two sets of straps and an all-around zipper, it’s capable of folding flat into a placemat. (Albeit an expensive placemat.) $585
The speed and feel of a pen and pad can’t be replicated — so don’t try to! The Livescribe Notebook pairs with Livescribe’s Smartpens and uses bluetooth technology. Whatever users write in the notebook will appear, legibly, in their device. Available this November, these hard cover notebooks feature acid-free paper, and come in two models. $30
Like the name suggests, Casio’s “split camera” separates into two units: a camera and a controller. Users detach and dock the camera in a set location and then snap photos remotely using the handheld controller (which also has a hands-free function). It can fold into a traditional camera, and it also comes with a variety of straps and attachments so that it can be worn headlamp style or clipped on. casio-intl.com
Most of today’s blazers have a lineage that traces back to the Oxford Rowing Blazer. Bold and bordering on pretentious, rowing blazers walk a thin line between Ralph Lauren and the Mad Hatter. Jack Carlson’s new hardcover features over 250 pages and vibrant original photos of classic American style history and details the blazer’s longstanding prevalence in and out of esoteric rowing society. $50
A wireless stereo headphone and hearing aid hybrid, the LiNX is water resistant and fits 90% of all hearing losses. Capable of streaming music from any Apple device, it delivers industry-leading sound quality to enhance hearing in a variety of situations. Also, the small sleek design makes them nearly invisible when wearing. resoundlinx.com
Andbeyond-Benguerra-Island-Lodge-29 Stay: &Beyond Benguerra Island Lodge, Mozambique
Few sunsets beat the one at &Beyond Benguerra Island Lodge in Mozambique, where the sun crawls close to the horizon and drenches the local fishermen boats in hues of orange and pink, all while you sit back and order another cocktail. Read this story
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