From Trigger to Table

Salt, Fresh & Field, Episode 3: “Whitetail”

Put a rifle in the hands of a chef, set him up in sight of an unassuming whitetail deer, and see what happens. That’s the premise of the latest Salt, Fresh & Field, a show that connects, quite literally, food and table. Chad Brealey takes Jeff Van Geest — who has never before fired a rifle — out with Jim Wiens to turn deer into venison. “That’s how the gathering of food’s gone for centuries”, Wiens says. “From the field, to your home, to your family.” The deer falls (in one clean shot) and the chef takes the kill to the kitchen. Later that night, a meal is served with brains on toast, carpaccio, tajarin con fegatini, and a crown roast. Mid-meal, Van Geest enters the dining room to thank his guests, and begins to recount his day. “It was a pretty magical experience”, he says. “There’s nothing more fresh or local or sustainable than this.”

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