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Yes, You Should Spend $400 on an Umbrella

October 3, 2014 Style By
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It’s primetime for a good knocking around by the harsh reality of a cold downpour. The agitated moment in the middle of the hunt for a missing umbrella is only outdone by the insult of carrying a broken one around — a Scarlet Letter broadcasting a sad state of affairs. Wilting girders festooned with frayed nylon thread. Creaky latches. Or worse, the full birthday suit — an inverted canopy from a mighty gust.

How many $10 umbrellas have you bought in your life? Maybe not enough to justify spending $400 on one. But, thinking of time wasted and moments of self-loathing caused by a shit rain cover, it’s also easy to argue the case for a good example. A handsome one made from handsome materials by someone who specializes in such apparatus — not one punched together by a machine in the South Pacific (here’s looking at you, bodega brolly).

Here we have the Savile from umbrella purveyor Davek. It’s $350. No two are alike (other than that they’re goddamn umbrellas), but that’s not the point. These are fine canopies, and they boast high specification: lofty thread-count fabric, tempered steel frames, natural wood and hand-assembly in England. They look devilishly handsome with a nice peacoat or blazer; they’re a stylish solution to a regular problem. For that reason alone, I’m game. Also Consider: London Undercover.

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