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Across America, the 7 Best Triathlon Training Camps

October 9, 2014 Buying Guides By

If you’re the sadomasochistic type who looks at numbers like 70.3 and 140.6 and drools, you’re in good company. A long shot from the psych ward sits the tri camp, a celebrated ritual that unites a dozen or so extremely fit individuals (and those aspiring to be) in a three- to six-day suffer-fest. Camp’s held in a tranquil location with easy access to open water and steep hills: playgrounds for the swim, bike, and run. During the day, a coach barks time splits, and at night, you sit around in circles with ice on your legs.

Most tri camps land in desirable climates — locations like Hawaii, Arizona, California — but there’s probably one not too far from your front porch (New Yorkers, fear not). Costs range from the low triple digits up to a couple grand, but your investment will return in faster times, safer and healthier training, a custom plan set for your goals, and a few new Strava friends. All in all, not a bad trade for a week at camp.

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