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Today in Gear: October 15, 2014

Camera-Badge-Gear-Patrol Camera Badge
Surprise! The cameras on your smartphone, tablet and computer can be hacked. Did you think watching your shows on sketchy streaming sites wouldn’t have consequences? Get a Netflix subscription like an adult. And in the meantime, cover up those cameras with Camera Badges; they’re easily removable and won’t leave residue like tape and Post-Its would. $7+
Blackfire-Clamplight-Gear-Patrol Blackfire Clamplight Backpack
The Blackfire Clamplight Backpack isn’t a backpack, but a clamp-on backpack flashlight. A little confusing, but very useful. Equipped with two LED lights (a 125 lumen KONG and a 65 lumen CREE) that switch modes with the push a button (flashlight, lantern and strobe), and a battery lasting from 10 to 28 hours, the water-buoyant Clamplight is IPX4-certified to suit your adventuring needs. blackfire-usa.com
Apprentice-Pocket-Notebook-Gear-Patrol Apprentice Pocket Notebook
Face it — typing up your future novel on the Notes app lacks the poetry of a personal notebook. Baron Fig’s Apprentice notebooks are the best around for such endeavors, as each iteration of Baron Fig notebooks is tailored to feedback from customers — all 11,075 of them. If you’re more of a visual type, the notebooks come with blank and dot-grid pages, along with ruled paper for the aspiring Pynchons out there. $9
Ice-Kit-Gear-Patrol Neat Ice Kit
Studio Neat’s Neat Ice Kit lets you make “fancy ice” (their words): perfectly clear ice cubes like you’d see at a bar. (Not the foggy shit from your freezer.) The kit includes an insulated ice mold that produces a single rectangular ice cube and tools with which you can break it down into a large cube, smaller chunks, and shaved ice — for, respectively, lowballs, highballs, and summertime cocktails. Fancy. $80
Waxed-Down-Vest-Gear-Patrol Archival Clothing x Crescent Down Works Vests
For these indecisive autumn days — 78 degrees one day, 56 the next — a vest is a nice compromise between a light shirt and a heavy jacket. Archival Clothing and Crescent Down Works have paired up to produce a line of waxed cotton/nylon down vests. It’s water resistant (good for freak downpours), made from lightweight nylon (good for stray patches of sun), sports 700 power down fill (good for the stray breeze), and comes in three styles (good for your wardrobe). $350
Ultimate-Shoe-Shine-Kit-Gear-Patrol The Ultimate Shoe Shine Kit
For better or for worse, the days when young shoeshiners wandered the streets are long past. (Mostly for better. That was child labor.) Be your own shoeshiner with Shinekits’ Ultimate Shoeshine Kit, which includes two applicator brushes, two buffing brushes, two flannel shine cloths, and three cans of shiner made from pure carnauba wax, beeswax and more — all in a handsome Douglas fir or cedar box. $199
Commuter-Pants-GEar-Patrol-Lead Bike to Work in These 7 Pants
Commuting cyclists require a specific type of pant. These seven are designed to handle the wind, rain, grime and out-of-control cabbies. Read this story
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