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Sierra Designs Mobile Mummy 800 Sleeping Bag

November 17, 2014 GP100 By

It doesn’t take a genius to get the gist of this bag by Sierra Designs: It hugs you tight, wrapping and “mummifying” your body in DriDown to ward off those damp, cold nights. The bag features a neck-hugging collar and hood to prevent drafts, and rather than resting still while you turn within it, the Mobile Mummy moves with you as roll over onto your side, back, or stomach. This “encasement” aids in comfort as well as heat retention — creating a cozy little coffin, if you will.

But it’s important not to overlook the interesting product name — Mobile Mummy — because it brings forth the most useful and novel aspect of the product and, ultimately, the reason it gets a nod here. It doesn’t just encase its user; it’s designed to be wearable around camp, with zipper-less arm ports and a “stowable” foot box that can be tucked up behind the knees. This means that once night falls, the bag can be donned and worn around camp in lieu of a jacket.

Ultralight and minimalist packers will enjoy the opportunity to use the sleeping bag as an insulating jacket, eliminating the need to pack two separate items or multiple layers and lightening the overall load. There may not be many style points to be won for wearing a sleeping bag around the fire, but you’ll feel the benefit in the backpack. In the wilderness, practicality trumps fashion every day of the week.


EN Comfort Limit: 39°F
Weight: 1 pound, 13 ounces
Seasons: 2

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