A Video Tour of the Process from 12 Bourbon Distilleries

How Bourbon Is Made

November 24, 2014 Culture By Photo by Sung Han

We toured 12 distilleries in a five-day blitz, asking everyone we met to walk us through the bourbon-making process. Here, you’ll find all of the steps that go into making America’s unique take on whiskey. Watch and learn.

SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING STAFFERS FOR THEIR HELP IN CREATING THIS VIDEO (In order of appearance): 1. Dave Pudlo, Distillery Education Director at Maker’s Mark Distillery 2. Freddy Johnson, Tour Guide at Buffalo Trace Distillery 3. Drew Kulsveen, Master Distiller at Willett Distillery 4. Hunter Davis, Tour Guide at the Jim Beam American Stillhouse 5. Doug Wade, Miller at Maker’s Mark Distillery 6. Chris Morris, Master Distiller at Woodford Reserve