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Today in Gear, Outdoor Retailer Winter: January 22, 2015

Black-Diamond-Mission-Shell-Jacket-Gear-Patrol Black Diamond Mission Shell
This versatile ski jacket should make updating your skiing gear a bit less of a headache. With its Gore-Tex shell you’ll be all set for warmth, its modern fit will make layering a cinch, and “Cohaesive” technology makes for equalized hood and waist adjustment with one cord, so that you can focus on the slopes instead of fussing over the fit.
Range-Magazine-Gear-Patrol Range Magazine Issue 2
If Gear Patrol’s offerings aren’t enough for you (we won’t take it personally), check out RANGE Magazine‘s second issue, available for free online and for $10 in print. As per their daily offerings, the new issue features artwork and photo essays alongside editorial content on outdoor lifestyle and market trends. $10
Munk-Pack-Gear-Patrol Munk Pack Portable Oatmeal
Know what could really use the Go-Gurt treatment? Oatmeal. Luckily, the folks at Sage Foods have heard your inarticulate cries for more food that doesn’t require teeth. Munk Pack is whole-grain oatmeal in a squeezy pouch, coming in three flavors: apple quinoa cinnamon, blueberry acai flax and raspberry coconut. As you’d expect, Munk Packs are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan products. $15 for a 6-pack
Clean-Energy-Patch-Gear-Patrol Clean Energy Patch
The folks at XEP decided that Sage Foods didn’t go far enough. “Keep the mouth out of things entirely!” they said: thus, the Clean Energy Patch. Like a nicotine patch, this product transmits about 35mg of all-natural caffeine, Guarana and cacao through the skin, providing a consistent “HUM” of energy over 8 hours rather than the energy spike associated with caffeinated drinks. $30
Polartec-Power-Wool-Gear-Patrol Polartec Power Wool
The latest in fabrics engineered for optimum comfort and strength comes from Polartec. Power Wool is a bi-component fabric combining merino wool and synthetic fibers to maximize wicking, breathability, odor resistance and durability. The fabric is designed to accommodate warm and cool weather; looks like Superdry and Uniqlo HEATTECH’s competition just warmed up.
LEKI-BlueBird-Vario-Pole-Gear-Patrol LEKI BlueBird Vario Pole
LEKI’s upcoming trekking pole is built for versatility: with an adjustable length (110-140cm), a thermo-foam mid grip and two sets of interchangeable baskets, the pole will suit any level of climber, any time of year. And it’s durable: its upper shaft is aluminum, while the lower shaft is made from high-modulus carbon fiber.
How-To-Cook-Pheasant-Gear-Patrol-Lead How to Make Charcoal-Grilled Pheasant
Pheasant has flown across the world, landing in dozens of cultures’ kitchens over the centuries. And for good reason: it’s delicious. Bryce Shuman, head chef at NYC’s Betony, provides a step-by-step guide to cooking pheasant over a charcoal grill. Read this story
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