When Survival Is Not Enough

Guy Martin and the World’s Deadliest Motorcycle Race

February 2, 2015 Videos : Viewfinder By

The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is one of the longest and deadliest motorcycle road races on Earth. Riders reach speeds north of 180 mph and — due to dips and crests in the road — such velocity is often seen without either tire touching the asphalt. Normal race track safety measures like gravel traps and grassy run-offs are replaced with sheer drops and the front lawns of townsfolk. Over the event’s 100-year history, an average of 2 riders die per year. But to spectators, TT competitors are regarded as immortals and winners become gods.

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An amiable truck mechanic from Lincolnshire, England, Guy Martin is heralded as the greatest rider to never win the fabled race. His persistence and passion for victory, speed and danger define him as one of the best. His refusal to celebrate second place brings to light his drive for victory.

Additional contribution by Matt Neundorf.