A wise man knows that the opportunities of gift giving are many. From birthdays to holidays, to “I’m sorry” or “just because”, gifts are the poetry of understanding and vehicles to connect with loved ones. It’s the gesture that counts, she’ll say almost never. Because a great present shows her that, when you say that special four letter word, you really mean it. Here are 20 gift ideas that express love in form.

Carhartt-Gear-Patrol Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat
For the season. $8
EE-Cummings-Gear-Patrol 100 Selected Poems by e.e. cummings
For poems close to the heart. $12
Momotruffles-Gear-Patrol Momofuku Milk Bar Truffles
For the sweet tooth. $16
for-her-gear-patrol-scarf Arete Complete Microfiber Camp Towel
For the outdoors. $24
for-her-gear-patrol-vase Heath Ceramics Bud Vase
For her buds. $24
Hiroshima-Mon-Amour-GEar-Patrol Hiroshima Mon Amour
For movie night. $25
Mubi-Gear-Patrol MUBI Year Subscription
For many movie nights. $35
for-her-gear-patrol-watch Shark Leash Mini Watch
For the retrophile. $55
Feu-De-Bois-Gear-Patrol Diptyque Feu de Bois Candle
For the seasoned home. $60
Kinfolk-Gear-Patrol Kinfolk Magazine Subscription
For the hostess. $60
for-her-gear-patrol-sunglasses Sunpocket Sport Fire Sunglasses
For sunshine. ~$76
Slippers-Gear-Patrol Armor Lux Wool Slippers
For getting cozy. $85
Spike-Cuff-Gear-Patrol Giles & Brother Railroad Spike Cuff
For the understatement. $88
Lomo-Instant-Gear-Patrol Lomography Lomo’Instant Camera
For the playful creative. $119
for-her-gear-patrol-bag Kletterwerks Market Bag
For shopping. $129
Poler-Bag-Gear-Patrol Poler Outdoor Stuff Napsack
For the napper. $130
Throw-Blanket-Gear-Patrol Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Wool Throw
For sharing. $175
for-her-gear-patrol-perfume Maison Francis Kurkdjian Lumiere Noire
For rose-scented skin. $185
Le-Creuset-Gear-Patrol Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven
For the home cook. $280
Cristal-Gear-Patrol Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé
For the elevated nightcap. ~$300