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Today in Gear: February 12, 2015

wiivv-insoles-gear-patrol-facebook Wiivv 3D Printed Insoles
3D printing is quickly becoming a popular medium to make customized versions of just about anything. There’s artificial 3D printed heart valves and even entire cars. Wiivv has now brought the amazing process to the next logical step: custom shoe insoles. Show your feet some customized love. wiivv.com
ALFRED-SARGENT-J.crew-Suede-Chelsea-Boots-gear-patrol Alfred Sargent For J.Crew Suede Chelsea Boots
Alfred Sargent has been in the cobbling business since 1899. It’s safe to say the family-owned boot makers know what they’re doing. J.Crew have worked hand in hand with Alfred Sargent to created an exclusive Italian leather Chelsea boot. $485
Olympus-air-gear-patrol-2 Olympus Air A01
Sharing photography the moment you capture the image is the norm that we never thought would be possible just a few years back. But that’s only with smartphones, which are most certainly not of DSLR quality. Now, Olympus have changed the game with their Air01 lens, an interchangeable lens that attaches directly to your smartphone. With a few apps, it turns said smartphone into a pro-grade camera and image editor.
BYRD-Soap-on-a-Rope-gear-patrol Byrd Soap on a Rope
If you’re not the liquid body was type, bar soap is likely a mainstay in your shower routine. Byrd’s Soap on a Rope is an old-school idea, yes, but a simple and effective solution that’s been around for so long for good reason. Now, Byrd’s has expanded the bathroom veteran duty to face and body wash, as well as shampoo. $16
Slasa-Anything-Cage-HD-gear-patrol Salsa Anything Cage HD
Standard water bottle holders for bikes just aren’t enough sometimes. Longer trips call for larger water bottles or even small bags. Salsa’s Anything Cage HD is an impact-resistant nylon rack that utilizes the existing mounts on your bike’s frame and expands its cargo capabilities. The Anything Cage HD was designed to hold larger thermoses and even ultralight shelters, opening up more possibilities every time you ride. Learn More
Sierra-Designs-Tensegrity-Elite-Tent Sierra Designs Tensegrity Elite Tent
For overnight hikes or bike rides, having a roof over your head at the destination is a priority. For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to have that built and ready to go by the time we get there, we have to bring our own. When that’s the case, weight (or lack thereof) is also paramount. Sierra Designs Tensegrity Elite Tent is made of Siliconized Nylon fabrics that increase strength and decrease weight to 1 pound and 11 ounces. $400
Jeff-Gordon-on-Retirement-TIG Jeff Gordon on Retirement, Race Day and Driving to Win
Jeff Gordon recently announced his impending retirement from NASCAR. We caught up with him for a few questions about the keys to his consistent driving success, what he’s learned during his 23-year career, and where his competitive fire is headed after he officially retires. Read this story
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