The path varies, but the conditions are the same: wet, muddy, icy and caked with snow. If it’s a bucolic stroll through the High Country, more power to you. For most of us, it’s the morning commute in 25-degree temps and freezing rain coming down in horizontal sheets. Those days, the last thing we want to worry about is our dogs getting soaked.

So, we rely on the hearty welts of waterproof boots. There are varying levels of style, price and lower-leg coverage, but one thing remains constant among these sturdy stompers — they’ll get you from A to B safe and warm. All come with grippy, hearty outsoles that are welded to be totally waterproof. Uppers and liners vary by style, so consider your temp (insulated or not) and your usage. Then, tie up the laces (or slip ’em on) and go out into the world without fretting the wet.


Gus Winter by Tretorn $110


L.L.Bean Boot by L.L.Bean $119


Rainier Remastered by New Balance $180


Mountain 600 by Danner $200


Lace-Up Rain Boots by Kaptain Sunshine $257


Dustin by RainMan $310


Ice Cutter Boots by Red Wing Shoes $390


Wellesley Rubber Jodhpur Boots by Hunter $395


Felix Pebble-Grain Suede Boots by O’Keefe $630