Pace Yourself

Revisiting Our 189 Favorite Beers of All Time

March 10, 2015 Briefings : Rewind By

Beer doesn’t need much of an introduction. Just like you’d throw a great brew to your buddy on the couch, we’re tossing you the best beers we’ve sipped, smelled and chugged over the years. Here’s to another great year of suds — it should take you a while to get through all of these.


double-ipas-gear-patrol-lead 10 Best Double IPAs
Ready to get fucked up?
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Best-Wheat-Beers-Gear-Patrol-Lead-v2 10 Best American Wheat Beers
Tastes like summer.
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Chocolate, malt, dark fruit and a whole lot of booze.
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Smoked-Beer-FTA-Gear-Patrol 5 Best Smoked Beers
Moechten sie ein Ham Sandwich?
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Best-Scottish-Beer-Gear-Patrol-Lead 5 Best Scottish Craft Beers
Give Scotch a break for a minute — you won’t regret it.
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best-israli-microbrews-gear-patrol-lead-full 6 Best Israeli Craft Beers
The Chosen People’s chosen suds.
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Fruit-Beer-Gear-Patrol-Lead 10 Best American Fruit Beers
Men drink fruit beers.
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Best-of-Extreme-Beer-Festival-Gear-Patrol-Lead-Full Best of the Extreme Beer Fest
Time to get weird.
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gluten-free-beer-shootout-gear-patrol-lead-v2 Gluten-Free Beer Shootout
Despair not, Celiacs.
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Saison-roundup-gear-patrol-lead 8 Best Saisons
Proof that “barnyard funk” can be delicious.
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TIG-gear-patrol-beer-session-198 The Great American Beer Session
Drink one or ten.
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malted-madness-mass-market-beers-gear-patrol-lead 34 Mass-Market Beers, Head to Head
You don’t need to be snobby all the time.
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Barleywine-Roundup-Gear-Patrol-Lead 13 Great Barleywines
Taste testing the best beer for winter drinking that you’ve never had.
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pumpkin-b-gear-patrol-650 The Hater’s Guide to Pumpkin Beer
Is trying to find a good pumpkin beer a hopeless cause?
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Imperial-Stout-Roundup-Gear-Patrol-Lead Russian Imperial Stouts, Revisited
The warmth of the alcohol from these Russian Imperial Stouts pairs perfectly with long, cold nights by the fireplace.
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32-teams-32-beers-1440 A Beer for Every NFL Team
Forgo mass market beers and bring a six-pack to tailgate that better represents your team. Here are 32 very drinkable craft beers for tailgating this winter.
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Best-DIPA-Gear-Patrol-Lead- Defining Craft Beer’s Most Popular Enigma, the Juicy DIPA
The juicy double IPA is craft beer’s new enigmatic obsession. We tasted some of the best examples in the world to attempt to define it once and for all.
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