Andrew Evans

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To work for National Geographic is the pinnacle of travel and adventure photography, or so some say. As NG’s Digital Nomad, Evans travels all around the globe and posts his stories online as he goes. He’s an accomplished travel writer, having written four adventure books, and a photographer who loves documenting his travels with more personal, less scenic, images.

Hello America

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The cofounders of Hello America, Kristen Blanton and Matthew Jozwiak, went off the grid in 2014. They left Texas, started a life on the road and took pictures as they went. Today, their Instagram is filled with serene shots, vintage vibes, mountains, waterfalls and roadside escapades.

Cole Rise

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After studying film and cinematography at Emerson College, Rise has made a career behind the lens. He’s an accomplished travel photographer who’s worked for National Geographic, American Express, Sony, Condé Nast Traveller and others. Much of his Instagram is made up of enchanting celestial images and outdoor grandeur.

Mal de Mar

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Mal de Mar images are personal and artistic. They’re a beautiful confluence of art, travel, architecture and photography.

David Chatsuthiphan

With an account name like “Unreal Hawaii”, you better live up to the name — which David Chatsuthiphan does. His photos cover the full spectrum of the adventurous activities America’s 50th state has to offer: hiking epic trails, interesting local cuisine, paragliding over cities, surfing and much more.

West America

Motorcycles, smoke shows, practical jokes and roadside wanderlust in the epic backdrop of western America — that’s West America.

Trey Ratcliffe

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Trey is the founder of one of the best travel photography blogs on the web, Hans Zimmer, the Academy Award-winning composer behind the scores of of Gladiator, Interstellar, Inception, etc., has been quoted saying that Trey’s images have inspired him. If that doesn’t hit home, nothing will.

Bradley Castañeda

Gorgeous alpine landscapes, frozen sunsets and moonlight hikes, Castañeda travels to find beauty in the most hidden places. He takes photographs worthy of your desktop’s background.

David Doubilet

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With over 50 years of experience, Doubilet is one of the most accomplished underwater photographers in the world. He’s been awarded both the Explorers Club Lowell Thomas Award and Lennart Nilsson Award for Scientific Photography. As a contributing photographer for National Geographic Magazine, Doubilet travels all over the globe snapping photos of every type of aquatic life.

Forest Woodward

A self-proclaimed “hunter-gatherer of light and moments”, Woodward is a bit of a nomad. His photographs cover a spectrum of outdoor activities, from documenting the surf culture in NYC to capturing Montana powder days and scaling up southwestern rocks.