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25 Best Breakfasts in America

June 9, 2015 Home : Eats By


Breakfast is inherently utilitarian — energy consumed to allow you to function for your waking hours. And so, it follows that this functional meal is, even at its most decadent, less complex than the wares that you see from lunches, dinners and even some desserts. There’s no molecular gastronomy in breakfast.

That means the resplendent part of breakfast comes in humble servings, done right — the perfect eggs, pancakes, coffee. There’s room for innovation in breakfast, but the most memorable parts are the staples done perfectly.

This isn’t a list of the most highly praised food spots in every major American city. This isn’t a list of the most celebrated chefs. This is a compilation of places to eat when looking for the best meal of the day done a bit better. There are places off the beaten path in major cities — places you’d have to get lost to stumble upon. And there are spots out on the great expanses of the US, cafes and diners that serve up something hot and delicious every morning, without fanfare. They don’t have stars mounted at their entryways. They don’t have white coats. But they do serve up utilitarian food with soul, and each bite helps to get you through the day, full and happy. That’s the spirit of breakfast.

Matthew Ankeny

The Best Breakfasts in America 2015
ABRACO – Manhattan, New York
HUCKLEBERRY CAFE – Santa Monica, California
PANCAKE PANTRY – Nashville, Tennessee
FLOUR BAKERY AND CAFE – Boston, Massachusetts
PLOW – San Francisco, California
THE BONGO ROOM – Chicago, Illinois
GREEN EGGS CAFE – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
FLORIDA AVENUE GRILL – Washington, District of Columbia
HASH HOUSE A GO GO – Las Vegas, Nevada
CAFE PATACHOU – Indianapolis, Indiana
GREAT LAKES COFFEE – Detroit, Michigan
GREG’S BAGELS – Baltimore, Maryland
FIRST WATCH – Charleston, West Virginia
CHEEKY’S – Palm Springs, California
LYNORA’S OSTERIA – West Palm Beach, Florida
SARDINE – Madison, Wisconsin
THE HOMINY GRILL – Charleston, South Carolina
JUMBARS – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
BERTHA’S DINER – Buffalo, New York
MAGNOLIA BISTRO – Burlington, Vermont
EDDIE MAE’S EATERY – Delano, Minnesota
PARKER’S MAPLE BARN – Mason, New Hampshire

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