Samsung’s groundbreaking monitor, two wilderness-centric books, sweats for future winters and more.

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Samsung SE370


We’re still very much in the period where any smartphone accessory you buy will go obsolete in a year or two. Samsung is betting that wireless charging won’t be supplanted; by all counts, that’s a safe bet, so their just-announced SE370 wireless charging monitor is a good move for them and for consumers. Phones compatible with Qi wireless charging technologies can rest flat on the screen’s sleek stand, saving desk space; the screen itself, meanwhile, adjusts its picture quality and brightness according to its surroundings to ease user eye strain, so you can fully enjoy that 178-degree viewing angle. Compatible with Windows and Mac computers, it’s a sensible step forward for personal desktop computing.

The Lampster


For the eight-year-old nephew you don’t know so well.

Outdoor Voices Weekender Sweats


Prepare ahead of time for the colder months with a slightly loose-fitting pair of sweats, featuring a hidden interior pocket (probably great for a smartphone).

Danny P Handmade Leather Wallet iPhone 6 Case


If you’re still in need of an iPhone 6 case, this Nappa leather model from Danny P is a fine option — though maybe wait around for the striking blue-and-brown colorway to restock.

Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere


336 pages of modern cabins amid lush greenery. Cabin Porn, from the makers of the Tumblr of the same name, is a fine source of both inspiration for outdoorsy types and escapism for urbanites.

The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey


Having earned the “Best of the Month” title from both Amazon and Apple, you can rightly assume that The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey doesn’t owe its bestseller status to millions hoping to validate childhood hours spent on a certain computer game of the same name. At least not completely.

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The Complete Guide to Dressing for a First Date


Your first date will be over before it starts if you don’t dress to impress. Here’s how to style yourself for each level of formality. Read the Review

The Hublot King Power Oceanographic 1000 Shines under the Surface


A few days of diving with the Hublot Oceanographic 1000 proved that it’s a big watch full of small details — which should garner new respect for a brand with its fair share of critics. Read the Review

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Classic Detroit steel finds itself far from home — as far as Beirut. Need Supply has pics of the rides in their new home.

If you’re the type to watch YouTube videos on 1.5x speed to get to the important stuff quickly, Springwise has a better solution.

Over on Narratively, Reese Wells and Bradley Lawrence explore Keeler, California, a small town whose main water source was drained in an effort to curb the L.A. drought.

The newest threat to connected cars (and, most likely, self-driving cars): hacking, as reported by PBS.

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