Famed camera accessory maker Peak Design has launched a revolutionary camera bag, Word. Notebooks calls to the mountains, LAX comes to your living room and more.

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Peak Design Everyday Messenger


The latest from Kickstarter favorite (we’re fans as well) Peak Designs is a sleek messenger bag that sets out to make camera bags redundant — and succeeds, with a set of high-density-foam dividers that can be adjusted and removed entirely at will, along with a durable 22-panel construction that allows the bag to expand and contract according to how much you’re carrying (whereas stock camera bags hold empty space at all times). A patent-pending magnetic clip makes for seamless functionality when opening and closing in a rush, as does a zipper providing quick access to the main compartment, and a wide but well-organized variety of outer pockets provides a place for everything that needs one, as do straps for easy attachment of the Peak Capture clip. For plenty more detail, check out the Kickstarter page — it’s the biggest bag and photography campaign in the history of the platform.

08 Left Airport Prints


If you got a bit more excited over the LaGuardia Airport overhaul plan than most others, 08 Left’s series of airport blueprint prints and screens is probably for you.

Buck Mason Olive Chino


Subtle color can be clutch with pants; see Buck Mason’s chinos, which can match outrageous patterns and somber tones with equal grace.

Superfeet Insoles


Superfeet’s latest line of orthotic insoles is built for every hunting season. Just be sure and keep it legal, alright?

Gentleman’s Brand Co. Facial Scrub


Pre-shave and post-shave are as important as the shave itself; this scrub exfoliates and nourishes your most sensitive skin before you lift the razor.

Word. Notebooks Black and Blue Mountain Editions


To help you dream of future adventures while you work, Word. notebooks, one of our favorite pocket notebook makers, has released two colorways evoking abstract mountain ranges.

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The Floral Fragrance You Didn’t Know You Could Wear


Rose colognes are back. Here are the five best rose fragrances to elevate your natural musk (in the most masculine of ways). Read the Review

5 Heritage Surf Brands, from Head to Toe


The ’60s and ’70s are described as the golden age of surfing, when the entire California coast donned baggies and “Baja” hoodies . These are the style brands that keep the tradition alive. Read the Review

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There’s a certain romance to bathing in the elements while camping, for sure. But if the creek’s looking a bit suspicious, Adventure Journal recommends this portable backcountry shower.

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