Notes of Spice, Cider and Earth

The 7 Best Scented Candles to Burn This Fall

September 1, 2015 Buying Guides By Photo by Henry Phillips

With summer loosening its stifling grip, September really opens itself up to a myriad of fall scents. There’s the citrus and sweetness of cider, the intoxicating bite of warm saltwater off the sea, and finally the spice, musk and earthy notes that come with the harvesting season. And with the scented candles below, we can bring whichever aroma home, or a confluence of all of them, without letting in the chilly evening air. Each candle is different, and picking the right fragrance requires some nuance and a decisive nose. We’ve done the hard part — burning and sampling each candle. Now it’s up to you to decide the way you want your home to smell this autumn.

Lite+Cycle Vetiver Candle


The name Vetiver is derived from Vetiveria zizanioides, which is a thin grass native to India, though the grass that made this candle is cultivated in Haiti. The candle is made using the oil that’s distilled from the grass’s deep roots. For the environmentally conscious, it’s also made entirely of renewable, biodegradable materials. When lit, it produces a strong and sharp earthy scent, which is surprisingly soothing.

Henri Bendel Autumn Noir Signature Candle


This signature fall candle is soy based and boasts 60 hours of burn time. It combines the festive scents of apple cider with woody notes of pine and cedar — but not all at once. It gives off different aromas as it burns through the top (cider), middle (pomegranate and jasmine), and base (cedar). Overall, it produces comforting aromas that won’t overwhelm the senses.

Apotheke Co. Tobacco Candle


Hand poured in Brooklyn, this soy-wax candle smells like fresh tobacco that’s been drying inside of a tobacco barn. But that’s not all. The candle also produces sweeter notes of vanilla and cherry, like a flavored cigar. And just for kicks, the candle is housed in a double Old Fashioned glass.

Rewined Candles Pinot Noir Candle


Like a good red wine, this candle is ideal for complimenting an evening meal. All of Rewined’s candles are poured into repurposed wine bottles and made to replicate the wine they’re named after. This pinot noir-scented candle isn’t overpowering, nor will it make your place smell like an old bar, but it does produce the light, piney aroma of some pinot noirs.

The Motley’s Alder Candle


This is The Motley’s signature fall candle. For those who prefer strong scents, this is the one to get. The soy wax candle produces earthy notes of red alder, black cottonwood and even some saltwater.

The Kilian’s Turkish Coffee Candle


Turkish coffee isn’t a kind of coffee — it’s a way of preparing coffee in which the coffee beans are ground more finely than what most are used to. The result is a really hot coffee that’s a little bitter, with slight notes of chocolate. And like the drink, The Kilian’s candle is warming, with hints of spice, and is ideally lit after dinner or in the evenings.

Askov Finlayson Old Fashioned Candle


Imbibers of the whiskey drink that this candle takes its name after will love this. It’s a Minnesota-made candle with strong hints of grain and whiskey. Unlike the drink, the candle isn’t overpowering, which will probably please your better half.

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