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Tear Up the Slopes with the Best Ski Boots of the Year

Lange RX Series


Flexes Available: 100/120/130

Best All-Mountain Boot: Lange, a heavy hitter in the race world, built a boot for skiers looking for the performance and control of a race boot, but with a more comfortable fit. Available in an average width and three different flex patterns, the RX series has a boot that will fit the bill for aggressive skiers who don’t want to sacrifice performance over comfort.

Tecnica Cochise Series


Flexes Available: 90/100/110/120

Best Freeride Boot: The Cochise Series provides a top-of-the-line freeride and sidecountry boot in several different flex/width options. The series caters to the skier who would like to venture out to the skin track without sacrificing downhill performance. A simple lever enables the skier to travel uphill with ease by allowing more flex, but quickly locks out to allow for absolute control on the descent.

Salomon MTN LAB


Flexes Available: 120

Best Touring Boot: Undoubtedly the most exciting touring boot that has surfaced this season, the MTN Lab is a sign that Salomon is invested in producing a line of high-quality backcountry gear. The MTN Lab is the answer for the skier who wants a lightweight touring boot but doesn’t want to forfeit downhill performance. The MTN Lab is a true touring boot and therefore is only compatible with most tech bindings and multi-norm certified bindings. If you are looking to do more resort skiing, you will likely be happier in the Cochise boots.

Dalbello Il Moro “T” ID


Flexes Available: 120

Best Park Boot: It’s rare to find a company in the ski industry that only focuses on making one piece of equipment. Dalbello does just that, and they choose to put all of their time and energy into producing a damn good lineup of boots. The Il Moro “T” ID has everything that a competition park and pipe skier demands: a stiff and responsive flex, shock-absorbing footboards and a moldable Intuition liner. There is a reason some of freestyle’s heaviest hitters choose Dalbello, and if you are looking to become the next X-Games gold medalist, the Il Moro is a great place to start.

Atomic Redster FIS


Flexes Available: 70/90/110/130/150/170

Best Race Boot: Available in every flex needed on your ride to the top of the podium, the Atomic Redster is the real deal and built only to the highest demands of World Cup athletes. Whether you are a junior racer looking for the same performance as the pros or a World Cup athlete looking to unseat Marcel Hirscher, the Redster will not disappoint. This boot is not for the faint of heart. It has the pedigree of a purebred, and will be an absolute blast if your objective is smashing gates all day long.

Atomic Hawx 1.0


Flexes Available: 80

Best Novice Boot: When your objective is to get on snow and enjoy it, the Hawx 1.0 is a great starting point. With a flex of 80, it’s an extremely forgiving boot that has a wide enough toe box to accommodate feet of all different shapes and sizes. Not only is it likely that this boot will fit, it will also keep you warm with a built-in Thinsulate liner. If you end up liking skiing and progress past the beginner/intermediate phase, the Hawx series has several higher-performance boots with a very similar fit and feel — so you won’t be left searching for what’s next.

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