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hile is a country of remarkable contrast. Comprised of more than 5,000 islands and territories, including a very large chunk of Antarctica, its mainland stretches 2,700 miles long — roughly the distance from Los Angeles to New York — yet averages only 110 miles across, contained by two of the world’s most stunning features: the Andes and the Pacific Ocean.

Inside these natural contours, Chile’s poles vie for attention. In southern Patagonia, at the fringes of South America, an organic spectrum of color claims the earth — olive, brown, gray — cut by glaciers of electric blue and dark granite horns that shoot vertically from the ground into the sky. Northward, to the harsh and arid Atacama Desert, parts of which are so dry they’ve never recorded rainfall, orange dust becomes the common denominator, and salt flakes charged with lithium cast brilliant pastels upon mountains millions of years old. On the off year it does rain, thousands of acres are suddenly swallowed up by purple and pink flowers.

Chile’s people, too, tend to oscillate between extremes. A young chef making cheese out of carrots. New World winemakers tapping energy from the soil. A historian brewing Old World beer. And a subculture of artists coating derelict cities in paint, trying to return their beauty. Their belief in Chile makes them one; their differences make them interesting.

For travelers, it’s these kinds of contrasts that convert places into destinations, and destinations into stories. So we packed our bags and flew south. Way south. To the edge of the world, where the mountains meet the sea. These are the tales from Tierra Pacifica. – Jack Seemer


Frames from the Field

A Small Preview of What’s to Come


Tales of Culture and Adventure


Puma Tracking in the Heart of Patagonia
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Horseback riding in Patagonia
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Pairing Music and Sports with Chile’s ‘Demolición’ Magazine
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How to Tie a Poncho like a Gaucho
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The Chilean Pisco Sour with a Desert Twist
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Cultivating Biodynamics in Chilean Wine Country
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Snapshots from the Atacama Desert

Stargazing in Atacama


Sandboarding Is Harder Than It Looks
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Baptism by Fire in Garganta del Diablo Ravine
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Midnight Hiking in the Atacama Desert
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Postcard: Chile’s Most Famous Sandwich
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7 Handcrafted Souvenirs From Chile
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A Stay at the Alto Atacama Desert Lodge
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For the Best of Chilean Wine Country, Go to La Casona
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The Aubrey Hotel Blends Modern Design with Santiago’s Historic Past
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An Interstellar View from the Atacama Desert
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Cerros de Visviri, Andes, Chile In the remote north of Chile alongside active volcanoes colourful mountains such as Cerros de Visviri are evidence of the subterrenean unrest. Hot corrosive vapours have attacked and coloured the rock, converting the traces of iron it contains into yellow, reddish and brown iron oxide and iron hydroxide.

Capturing Chile’s Stunning Landscape from Above
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Casa Cerveceria Altamira Wants to Change the Perception of Chilean Beer
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Photo Essay: A Graffiti Tour of Valparaíso, Chile
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A Modular, Pro-Level Camera Bag that Delivers
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Soul Food Sampling with Chile’s Top Chef
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Snowboarding in the Chilean Andes
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72 Hours in Valparaíso, Chile
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72 Hours in Santiago
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A Paradise in Patagonia
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The Elevators of Valparaíso
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Riding from the Andes to the Ocean
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Hiking to the Base of the Cuernos of Torres del Paine
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The Roaming Cadre

Producer: Jack Seemer
Writers: Jack Seemer, Chris Wright, Bryan Campbell, Sung Han, Christina Erb, Tucker Bowe
Photography: Bryan Campbell, Sung Han, Jack Seemer
Designer: Henry Phillips