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15 Great Tech Gifts Under $50

December 14, 2015 Buying Guides By


Editor’s Note: The stockings are hung by the chimney with care — now what the hell are you gonna put in there? Ah, stocking stuffers. The little things: extras, last-minute goodies, the old standbys. There’s an endless supply of stocking-size gifts under $50, and picking up the right ones can be a little daunting. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered the best affordable gifts around to please anyone on your list. Need more ideas? Check out all of our Stocking Stuffer Guides.

stocking-stuffer-Gear-Patrol-tech-karma Karma GO Neverstop Monthly Subscription
Because unlimited wi-fi from anywhere is the true definition of connectivity, and this program offers all-they-can-surf 5mbps wi-fi for just $50 a month with no data caps, contracts or fine print. If they don’t already own a Karma Go device, signing up for the Neverstop also currently takes $20 off the price. $50 (Monthly Neverstop Unlimited Data Plan) | $149 (Karma Go Device or $99 with Neverstop Signup)
stocking-stuffer-Gear-Patrol-tech-bluelounge Bluelounge Posto Headphone Stand
Because your headphones deserve better. $20
stocking-stuffer-Gear-Patrol-tech-mophie-cable Mophie Switch-Tip Cable
Because one cord is better than two. $30
stocking-stuffer-Gear-Patrol-tech-stacks-cord Stacks Cord Organizers
Because clutter breeds confusion. $20
stocking-stuffer-Gear-Patrol-tech-studio-nest Studio Nest Apple TV Remote Stand
Because it’ll drown in your couch cushions otherwise. $12
stocking-stuffer-Gear-Patrol-tech-TAAB TAAB Standard Universal Lens Focus Tab Ring
Because manually focusing is the way to go. $12
stocking-stuffer-Gear-Patrol-tech-elon-musk Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future
Because his ambition for technology knows no bounds. $20+
stocking-stuffer-Gear-Patrol-tech-logitech-speaker Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker
Because most integrated smartphone speakers suck. $40
stocking-stuffer-Gear-Patrol-tech-roku Roku Streaming Stick
Because streaming sticks are the new streaming boxes. $50
stocking-stuffer-Gear-Patrol-tech-fire-7 Amazon Fire 7-Inch Tablet
Because they’ll know how to put another tablet to good use. $50
stocking-stuffer-Gear-Patrol-tech-anker-astro Anker Astro E4 Portable Backup Battery
Because battery power is always a limited resource, and The Wirecutter says this is the best USB battery pack for travel. $30
stocking-stuffer-Gear-Patrol-tech-tile Tile Bluetooth Tracker
Because losing stuff sucks. $25
stocking-stuffer-Gear-Patrol-tech-google-cardboard I Am Cardboard VR Cardboard Kit V2
Because getting a taste of virtual reality doesn’t have to break the bank. $25
stocking-stuffer-Gear-Patrol-tech-mee-electronics MEElectronics A151 In-Ear Headphones
Because earbuds are easily misplaced and CNET’s David Carnoy says these are an excellent budget pick. $35
stocking-stuffer-Gear-Patrol-home-magazine The Gear Patrol Magazine
Because Issue #1 features renowned climber Conrad Anker, the world’s best American rodeo bullfighter, heli-skiing in the Selkirks, and more. $20
stocking-stuffer-Gear-Patrol-tech-helicopter Take Off Print
Because helicopters are badass. $30
stocking-stuffer-Gear-Patrol-tech-camer-strap-gp DSPTCH × Gear Patrol Heavy Camera Strap
Because that lens is heavier than it looks. $45
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