Snow Peak’s innovative new tent, an all-new Lego Architecture set, a peek inside chefs’ refrigerators and more.

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Snow Peak Sky Nest


Snow Peak’s new Sky Nest tent (currently only available in Japan) is the result of combining a tent, a portaledge and a hammock into a blender. What comes out is a tent that offers the practicality of a traditional tent with the comfort of a hammock and the convenience of a portaledge. A built-in shoe pocket on the underside of the tent keeps your shoes dry in the event of rain and keeps mud out of your sleeping area.

Lego Architecture New York City


Legos aren’t just for kids. As a part of their advanced Architecture line, Lego will be releasing a New York City model kit that includes the Statue of Liberty, the Flatiron Building, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center. Available January 1, 2016.

‘Inside Chefs’ Fridges’


Frequent readers will have already seen famous chefs’ pantries. Now you can take a look inside their fridges.

Boxy App


Google’s Inbox is one of the sleekest and most useful email clients around. Now Apple users can finally enjoy it as a desktop app.



Like email spam, sometimes paid subscriptions that you no longer us — but which you’re still subscribed to — take a heavy cumulative toll. Trim is a service that’ll analyze your credit card bill and point out subscriptions that you might want to cancel.

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3 Heirloom-Worthy Pieces of Cast Iron Cookware to Stock Your Kitchen


Cast iron has been the cooking vessel of choice for centuries. It is favorited by everyone from world-class chefs to backcountry campers. Here are some of the best examples. Read the Review

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Wired reviews Mota JetJat’s new Nano drone.

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