Love Letters to Our Favorite Gear of 2015

Staff Pick: Allied Maker Dome Table Lamp

Briefings By Photo by Eric Yang
Gear is our job. It streams into and out of our offices in an endless tide of boxes and couriers; it gets photographed and catalogued and crammed underneath desks until we have time to test it. We quantify it as best we can, to share its essence: good and bad, peccadilloes and superlatives. We even pick the 100 best pieces of gear every year. But to close things out this year, we asked each staff member to single out their favorite piece of gear that was new to 2015. We hope you enjoy our little love notes to the gear that made the biggest impact on our lives this year.

My grandfather always said, “Get the one that you want no matter the cost, and every time you use it you’ll be glad you did.” So in the face of the great bikes, backpacks, shoes and cars I’ve been lucky enough to test this year, the thing that stands above and beyond is my lamp — an Allied Maker Dome Table Lamp. It’s $880, an outright preposterous price for a table lamp, but dammit, every time I use it, I’m glad it’s mine. The brass dome, the walnut base, and the bulbous frosted glass all make for a perfect, squat little light source. And, since it sits as the crowning piece on my desk, I use it nearly every day. It may not have fit in with my grandfather’s sense of Depression Era frugality, but I still think he’d understand the joy of having exactly the one you want, no matter the cost.