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Best of 2015: Original Films


365 days is a lot of time to seek out stories on adventure, gear, and everything in between. Here’s a look back at the films we shot in 2015 — from a strong assertion about who we are to what makes a good business card.

Quote of the Year

Drinking with Garage Project

“People would say ‘We want more hops,’ and we said ‘Here is your fucking hops.'”

– Jos Ruffell, Garage Project

The Stories

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Who We Are

By Sung Han: Founded in 2007, Gear Patrol’s mission is to help guys make the most of their time on planet Earth. What began eight years ago as a side project has evolved into a resource and gathering place for men to discover new ideas, products and places. Independently designed and published in New York, Gear Patrol combines the speed and agility of digital with a passion for storytelling and reader experience long cultivated in print. Our team of editors, writers, directors and photographers travels the world in search of stories not told anywhere else. We share them in the spirit of adventure.

Lands Afar, A New Zealand Travel Guide

By Sung Han: We traveled to New Zealand this winter to see what adventure looks like on the opposite side of the planet, making our way from the culture-rich North Island to the sparsely populated, adventure-rich South Island.

For Red Hook Crit Royalty, There’s Always Next Year

By Sung Han: Neil Bezdek is a four-time winner of the Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn and Milan. We documented his most recent race.

An Inside Look at Ford’s Newest Supercar, the 2015 Ford GT

By Sung Han: Interviews and an inside look at the most anticipated, and praised, American car of 2015.

The Kings of Kiwi Craft Beer

By Sung Han: There’s a beer that tastes like Venus. One that’s made to be served like a flat white. The boys of Garage Project have endless creativity, and that innovation translates to the best beer in New Zealand.

No One Loves Watches More than Adam Craniotes

By Sung Han: An afternoon with Adam Craniotes, a watch enthusiast and founder of the RedBar group, an international watch collective.

Drive the 2005 Acura NSX, Fall In Love All Over Again

By Bradley Hasemeyer: Designed by Pininfarina and tuned by Ayrton Senna, the old NSX was — and still is — perfect.

90 Seconds of Rally Adrenaline, Served Chilled

By Sung Han: Inside the cockpit, rally driving is full-throttle intensity. But seen from outside, it’s a methodical dance of car, course and elements.

The New XC90

By Stephen Greenwood: We got behind the wheel of the Volvo XC90, an SUV that’s redefining the Swedish brand’s identity.

Taming a Russian Sidecar on the Idyllic Trails of Camp Wandawega

By Sung Han: An unwieldy sidecar makes a 41 horsepower, 500-pound joke of a bike into a death trap.

Foraging in Fiordland with the Chef of Redcliff

By Sung Han: Chef Ryan Murray of The Redcliff in Te Anau took us out for a day fishing. We didn’t catch anything, so he invited us to his home and cooked up something better.

Breaking Down the Art of Beatmatching

By Sung Han: Above selecting a series of songs to reflect a certain mood or vibe is deejaying’s more professional task: the art of combining songs together into one seamless mix. It’s called beatmatching, and thanks to modern tech, you can start picking it up today.

Conquering Gravel, Rocks, Hardpack and Downed Trees on Knobby Wheels

Sung Han: Eastern Oregon is a mecca for adventure motorcyclists looking to stake claims on unexploited routes. From tarmac to the wilds, even the roads that lead to those roads are worth the trip.