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Postcard: Lake Superior’s Bathtub Island

January 7, 2016 Travel and Adventure By Photo by Gishani
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The stretch of highway between Wawa and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario is considered by many to be among the most scenic in Canada. The twisty tarmac skirts the shoreline of Lake Superior in a Provincial Park named for the body of water. Along the way, iconic waysides such as Katharine’s Cove and Old Woman’s Bay are mandatory stops for the road tripper, but there’s one that doesn’t show up on any map: Bathtub Island, a secret haunt known only to savvy locals. Look for cars on the shoulder somewhere south of Katharine’s Cove and then tramp through the pine woods to emerge on a sandy beach. 50 yards offshore is the island, more of a rock really, whose shallow pools fill with frigid lake water where they’re warmed by the sun, giving the island its name. Wade out to the island, scramble ashore, then soak in the sun with a million-dollar view of the big lake. Given its remoteness and secret whereabouts, you can wear as little as you dare.

Jason Heaton

Only wears mechanical watches, drives an adequately patina’d Alfa Romeo Spider right up until the snow flies, and always keeps an open bottle of single malt close at hand.

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