Leading up to our annual Adventure List, the 25 Best Places to Travel in 2016, we asked for your input. We wanted to know the places on your list of travel destinations for the upcoming year. And, for what we asked, so we received. Some of the places you submitted doubled with places on our own list (either last year’s or this year’s). Some places were places we’d never heard of. Some were places we’ve been and never want to go back to (no, we won’t be returning to Branson, Missouri).

After culling the responses, we came up with 25 more places to visit this year, completely suggested by readers. Thank you for the insight and for the inspiration. And, if you have more ideas, add on to the submission list here.

South Island, New Zealand

Part Hawaii, part Australia and part Scotland, New Zealand is the land of awe-inspiring, unadulterated adventure. There are trails for any skill level, and mountains for the Everest-bound. Hike the country that inspired Kipling and Tolkien (and maybe see Hobbiton while you’re at it). – Phil B.

Panama City, Panama

Panama City is a haven for young people and the economy is booming with all the development from the recent upgrade project to the canal. Central America’s first subway system recently opened there, and it is spectacular to see and use. Beaches, incredible food, solid nightlife, and remote towns are all part of the city (and country’s) charm. – Ryan B.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket has one of the greatest ecosystems on Earth, filled with wildlife and excellent trails for walking, running and biking. On first glance you will see all the mega-yachts and multimillion-dollar homes, but look a little closer and you’ll see the rich history of the island. It is also a car lover’s paradise, from the Daffodil Parade in April to the off-roading at Great Point. – Liam F.

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Havana, Cuba

It’s opening up, but not Pepsi-fied yet. A visit now is a must. It’s an amazingly vibrant culture: people are friendly; weather is nice and beaches are the most white-blue I have ever seen. Good music and beautiful ballet is so cheap it will make you cry. For those interested, rum and cigars abound. – Subel B.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The olympics made the place tourist-ready without taking all of the good stuff out. It allows an exciting mix of backpacking-style traveling with full-on luxury resort tourism. – Gabriel P.

Algarve, Portugal

Carvoeiro beach, Algarve, Portugal
Lagos, Sagres and Vila Do Bispo have incredible cliffs to hike, beautiful beaches, the Fort at the End of the World, seafood, jamón ibérico and some of the best surfing in the world. – Michael B.

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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The city, at 1.3 million people, hosts over a third of Mongolia’s population. At the same time, large portions still exist the way they used to centuries ago. Outside the city, is the Steppe: green grasslands and open space — the way Montana looked before roads and fences. Camp at night and see the stars like never before, or drink Chinggis vodka and do some Mongolian wrestling by the fire. Fish for taimen, the almost-mythical prehistoric relative of the salmon, rust-red and weighing over 200 pounds in some cases. – Michael B.

Hamilton, Bermuda

Downtown Hamilton Bermuda
The world is getting clued in on what a great secret Bermuda is — less than two hours from virtually every great Eastern city, and home to an incredible adventure and culinary scene — both of which play heavily to the island’s beautiful location. The America’s Cup is coming in 2017, and as a result the island has embarked on a fast-tracked plan to renovate nearly every property and construct over-the-top hotels and new restaurants. – Campbell L.

Hvar, Croatia

Old town of Hvar Island in Croatia
Croatia is quickly becoming Europe’s preferred travel destination, and with good reason. The beautiful coastline, welcoming locals and affordable prices make it perfect. Hvar is Croatia’s version of St. Tropeaz. It has something for everyone. You can enjoy a quiet dinner by the water, explore the blue caves nearby, or party until sunrise on the nearby private island, Carpe Diem. – Rob

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La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve, Canada

Located in a secluded portion of Quebec, the reserve has some of the best canoeing in Canada without being overly busy. Minimal portaging and lots of white sand beach campsites make for a special experience. Another highlight of the destination is the nearby Windigo Falls, a natural waterslide that’s popular with locals but remote enough that it never gets very busy. – Paul G.

Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Masai Mari, in Rift Valley, is home to some of the best safari wildlife on the planet. The immersive atmosphere with the Masai natives makes it a great place to learn about a culture. Catch some equatorial sunshine, indulge in a hearty breakfast in the Keekorok Lodge or venture out to Lake Victoria. It’s close enough to Nairobi for a stop into the big city and just a quick flight from Johannesburg. – Nate B.

Okinawa, Japan

Aharen Beach in Okinawa, Japan
A mix of Japanese, Chinese, Southeast Asian and American GI culture, Okinawa was its own country until the late 1800s. It is the birthplace of karate and a home to world-class beaches, surfing and diving. People call it the Hawaii of Japan, but it has yet to be truly discovered by the American people. – Ben W.

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Boone, North Carolina

Over the last few years, Boone has transformed from a small college town to a city packed with modern restaurants, breweries and culture. A 20-minute car ride puts you in some of the best western North Carolina wilderness. Rocky Knob Park is an excellent attraction for mountain bikers and hikers, and you won’t be disappointed by the trails in the nearby forests. – John G.

Reunion Island, Indian Ocean

This island is amazing. Its volcano is one of the most active in the world and there are hundreds of miles of paths for endless hiking. You can also enjoy its lagoon on the west coast. There are dozens of microclimates giving the island a multitude of different landscapes; you’ll feel like you are in a Jurassic Park movie! – Charles

Trieste, Italy

It’s Italy, but it’s been Austria and it could have been Yugoslavia, so things are a little bit different. There’s good coffee obviously, but you can drink it in the same bars as James Joyce. The food does all the wonderful things that having the sea in front of the city allows. Then there is the wind — the Bora. It blows so hard that in some parts of the city they have railings on the sides of buildings just for people to hold themselves up. Of course this also means boats — just search “Barcolana.” – Tom R.

* * *

Additional Suggestions from Readers:

Formentera, Spain | Martin
A beautiful little island next to busy & buzzy Ibiza. Hip, chic and laid back — just never go there in August.

Saranda, Albania | Alex T.
Beautiful beaches, great price and a wonderful cultural experience.

Esperance, Western Australia | Jig A.
An old small town in the southwest of Western Australia with incomparable, pristine beaches.

Isle of Skye, Scotland | Kevin C.
Go in October and enjoy the rain, isolation and beautiful landscapes. Spend a night in a bothy.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin | Daniel P.
A beautiful lake town with a huge biking community, good local food and a great boating atmosphere.

Krakow, Poland | Joseph D.
A historic city that is new to tourists. Lots of culture, fun locals, and great hiking in the Carpathian Mountains about one hour south.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia | PK
Possibly the most remote island in the ocean where you can have a civilized getaway.

Burgstadt, Germany | Rick M.
Slow life, old German buildings, the Main River, the old red rock quarry and a great room at Gast Adler.

Nosara, Costa Rica | Albert
Nosara is the way Costa Rica used to be before it became Daytona Beach. Standing on the beach you do not see concrete structures, just lush jungle.

Vilnius, Lithuania | Justin
There’s so much culture, architecture and character. This place is truly beautiful.

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