'Tis Necessary to Give

Great Valentine’s Day Gift Suggestions for that Special Someone (or Yourself)

February 5, 2016 Buying Guides By


Your love can’t be constrained by a nicely wrapped box. We know that. But if you’re going to come into this Valentine’s Day empty handed, prepare to be the bearer of grand disappointment. Gifts are the necessary supplement to all your time, affection, doting attention and endless patience. They’re the cherry on top of your perfect relationship sundae.

So unless you’ve pre-arranged to go gift-less, you should plan on giving something to the significant other — whatever stage of the relationship you’re in. Still giddy over couch cuddles? Gift small. Folding her laundry for the thousandth time? Invest in something more. A gift is a nice way to remember the day, and every time she uses it, she’ll think of you (isn’t that nice?). As for general direction: eschew the cheesy or overly sentimental. Get her something that she’ll use, enjoy and — if it so happens — share with you. Lingerie, up to your discretion. But that new cashmere scarf? We can guarantee that’ll be a home run.

New Relationship

You just met, and then V-Day pops up. What gives?
The North Face Microfleece Gloves $24
877 Workshop × Gear Patrol Leather & Rope Keychains $28
Bergamot + Teak Soy Candle $34
Kit and Ace Newbury Scarf $138

This Is Dating

It’s been a few months, but things aren’t heavy. Yet.
Kit and Ace Ashton Brushed Long Sleeve $118
J.Crew Irving Sunglasses $118
Patagonia Women’s Down Sweater $170+
Faribault Woolen Mill Co. × Gear Patrol Cabin Blanket $280
Don’t Forget the Card


If your love isn’t common, why should your card be? Lovepop moves beyond the expected to present an intricate 3D popup paper art sculpture when the card is opened. These Slicegami structures are designed by two naval architects using ship-design software and laser-cut precision. The only challenge that remains is making sure the heartfelt note isn’t overshadowed by the mini-marvel in the middle of the card, but fret not, you got this, Romeo.

A Long-Term Commitment

You’re exclusive. You’re in love. Show your feelings.
Fjällräven Keb Women’s Fleece Vest $125
Madewell Transport Tote $150
Tracksmith 226 Soft Shell $168
Etoile Isabel Marant Knitted Sweater $295

Life Partners

Forever isn’t long enough.
Sorel Tivoli II $130
Fujifilm X-A2 $549
Larson & Jennings Watch $705
Acne Powder Black $1,000

Single? Even Better

It’s okay to gift thyself.
Apple TV $149+
Snow Peak Titanium Curved Flask $150
Gear Patrol Watch Roll $175
Saturdays NYC Porter Tote $195
Ghurka Document Pouch No. 189 $425