The Broncos win the Super Bowl, Marshawn Lynch retires via tweet, Lindsey Vonn continues her World Cup domination and more.

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The Broncos Defeated the Panthers, Yet Cam Newton Is in the Headlines

Despite losing to the Denver Broncos 24 to 10, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was the name in the headlines. After the loss, Newton sat down in a press conference only to quietly answer a few questions, then silently get up and walk out. Really though, who could blame him?

Marshawn Lynch Announces His Retirement

Capping off a career that has seen some odd moments, Marshawn Lynch, in typical Marshawn Lynch fashion, tweeted his retirement from football in the middle of the Super Bowl. The tweet itself was a picture of his cleats hanging from a telephone wire with a caption that simply included a “peace” emoji.

Nicolas Vuignier Releases an iPhone Ski Edit That Goes Viral


Skier Nicolas Vuignier experimented with a new way to film with an iPhone. In the new video, he tied his iPhone to a string before swinging it over his head. The result was some pretty incredible slow motion shots.

Lindsey Vonn Continues World Cup Domination

In the latest World Cup downhill race in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, Lindsey Vonn once again came out on top of the podium. Vonn bested her next-closest opponent by roughly 8/10 of a second. Her latest win puts Vonn at 76 career wins, which is just 10 shy of legend Ingemar Stenmark’s record of 86 wins.

Susie Chan Sets New Treadmill World Record


After months of intense training, ultra-runner Susie Chan has set a new women’s treadmill world record for a 12-hour period. Chan ran 68.54 miles averaging 10:30 mile times over the length of the attempt.

Team Sky Continues Its Wahoo Fitness Partnership

In a continuation of last year’s partnership, Team Sky will continue to use Wahoo Fitness trainers for warm-up and cool-down as well as indoor and home training this season. Sky has also partnered with Wahoo to use its Ant+ and Bluetooth-compatible TICKR heart rate monitor in both races and training.

Keen Plans Road Trip Across the Country to Promote Public Lands


Starting this July, Keen will be road tripping across the country to honor the places where we play. They are doing so to try and promote the setting aside and conservation of public lands. The group is also collecting signatures for a petition calling for those in power to designate five new national monuments.

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Men’s Journal explores why fit people burn fewer calories.

Team Katusha narrowly escaped suspension after riders tested positive for banned substances (again). The Guardian has the story.

…And Russia’s sports minister denied there being any problems, despite Katusha’s continued doping problems.

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