When the Garage Just Isn't Enough

Home Decor, Inspired by the Track

March 8, 2016 Buying Guides By

The home is an extension of the self. It allows us to display our creativity and passions through personal design. For automotive enthusiasts, the garage is our dedicated space. Cars, motorcycles, tools — when they’re not in use, they decorate our indoor getaway. And sometimes, the garage, no matter how big, doesn’t have the space you need for all the motoring accouterments you want. But decorating the rest of your house with automotive-centric art and furniture can be a dangerous business. For instance, your significant other may not have the same affinity for entertainment systems that utilize the backend of a Porsche 911 or ‘57 Chevy couches. So, we did the heavy lifting to find the classy, gearhead-friendly furniture and decorations that look good in any room of the house.

Porsche 356 Engine Block Coffee Table

Car Guy Garage


The air-cooled flat-four engine from the Porsche 356 may be outdated, but damn if it isn’t an engineering work of art. Now that it’s done doing service at the back of a Porsche, it makes a great coffee table front and center in your living room.

Aviatore Veloce Coffee Maker

Super Veloce


The phrase “rocket fuel” gets thrown around a lot when it comes strong coffee, but the Aviatore Veloce coffee maker takes it to a new level. Not only is it one of the most stylish ways to pour your morning brew, but throughout the rest of the day it makes for a beautiful jet-age-inspired centerpiece in your kitchen.

Six Puck Clutch Clock

Car Guy Garage


No two Clutch Clocks are exactly the same, since each was actually in use at one point or another. And though it may not help your shift times, it is a good reminder to keep those hard launches off the line to a minimum.

Connecting Rod Bookends

Hit and Miss Ltd.


What better way to hold up your entire new collection of motoring documentaries than an elegant set of connecting rod bookends?

Suspension Floor Lamp

Classified Moto


Each suspension lamp is handmade, built with a spring, shock and fork tubes from ’70s and ’80s Japanese motorcyles. Jay Leno owns one, and he has pretty good taste, right?

Cafe Table

Classified Moto


What’s great about Classified Moto’s creations is that the parts they’re made from spent hundreds or thousands of miles on American roads and trails. All the dings, dents and scratches tell a story from the open road. The brushed-copper top, supported by three spring and shock assemblies, will match your new lamp perfectly and bring the room together.

Curly Auto Antlers

True Gear Head


If you prefer hunting apexes to wild animals, these headers from a 4.6-liter Mustang will go great in the trophy room.

C-Clamp Coat Rack

Urban Wood & Steel


Just because coat racks are covered up 90 percent of the time doesn’t mean they can’t look both industrious and classy. These are made from three-inch cast iron c-clamps and a reclaimed pine base. And if you think c-clamps are more for carpenters than mechanics, give Morgan Motors a visit.

Nero Carbonio V12 Espresso Machine

Super Veloce


If regular coffee isn’t high-test enough, Super Veloce’s V12-styled espresso machine should be enough for you. Engineered from stainless steel and titanium, the machine is as well put together as any actual V12 on the road. And though it might not sound as nice as a real V12, the black stuff the Nero Carbonio pours out sure tastes better than full-synthetic.

The Solo Helmet Hook

Three Pence


Three Pence is a company for motorcyclists run by motorcyclists, which explains why something as simple as their Solo Helmet Hook speaks to every rider’s inner aesthete.

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