Good morning and happy Monday. Assuming you got your Tesla Model 3 order in, you probably had a great weekend. While you wait for the thing to materialize you’ll have plenty of time to prepare your current gas-burner for its eventual euthanasia. Before you break the news, here’s what’s good in gear: a dual-purpose snow/bike helmet, soap that cleans and entertains, a multitasking garage-door opener and much more.

Lander 20-Liter Timp Backpack


From Nick Caruso, Editor: “I’ve been commuting almost daily with the 20-liter pack, and I’m damn happy about it. The size is ideal for all the things I end up hauling around: laptop, book, a spare sweater or jacket and more. I get a lot of compliments on it too — it’s even sleeker in person, and I love that it’s water resistant. I’ve been keeping a Cascade Powerbank in the ‘Quick Tix’ pocket for extra juice on the go. It’s super small and keeps me tweeting stupid stuff all day and night. Great combo.”

Convertible Snow and Bike Helmet by Traverse


Little-known fact: above the tuxedo/wetsuit combo in his closet, James Bond keeps one of these babies. A removable fleece cap and earmuffs convert the minimalist bike helmet to a slope-worthy head protector, complete with a goggle-friendly visor and vents that keep you cool regardless of snowfall.

Pop Cauldron Soap


Handmade to order using plant-based oils and butters, these soaps inject a hefty bit of pop culture and fresh scents into every shower session. Political candidates, cocaine binges, unicorn blood — plenty of references to ponder whilst you lather during your morning grooming routine.

Anglepoise Original 1227 Giant Collection


There’s nothing light about this guy, eh? It’s a supremely oversized, articulating design piece that’s weather resistant and made for the outdoors: marine-grade stainless steel hardware and silicon-sealed light units and power cables keep the elements at bay.

Ryobi Modular Garage Door Opener System


This powerful new garage-door opener is 20 percent quieter than the competition. It’s wi-fi-compatible, so you can control it with your phone, and features a backup battery that’ll lift the thing at least 100 times (#apocalypsecompatible). This is a modular system, though, so you can purchase and plug in everything from extension cords, to fans, to Bluetooth speakers, to laser-guided parking-assist devices.

Ethan Jacket by Nudie Jeans


With eight pockets and a dark chambray lining, this waxed jacket is ready to take on your EDC and the Style Police in one go. We dig the button-placket overlay and neutral hue — it’ll wear well and patina perfectly.

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